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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 146)

This afternoon I was chatting blog lingo with a friend, we were discussing how to unfollow blogs as my friend has many on her dashboard which have been idle for years.  Doing a quick google search I found simple, concise directions.

PC and I are attending his brother’s wedding at the end of this month.  A major item of interest was, “What do I wear?!”  Whilst home for Easter Anna Maria and I went dress shopping and were successful immediately!:)  Dress code is ‘cocktail’, so we were thrilled to find an A line, floor length, navy blue, chiffon dress. Best of all I already have gold shoes and necklace to match.  Items of interest are now, “How do I style my hair,” “Should I look for a shawl or bolero jacket” “Do I need a purse/handbag” and ” makeup!…”

Jack Jack (6) was playing Wolfquest, a wildlife stimulation game designed for the player to learn about wolf ecology (yes, we’re studying wolves at present).  Two major activities seem to consist of ‘marking their territory’ and ‘finding a mate’.  I overheard him muttering, “It’s really hard to find a wife.”  I told him, “It’s like that in real life too.”

We’ve just started watching a new season of The Biggest Loser.  For some reason this series really appeals  and has even motivated me to begin exercising again:)  I’m thinking of registering for The Promise, I’d like to lose about 5kg+, though more it is about muscular tightening.  Reckon I could do it in time for the wedding? I have 3 weeks.

We still haven’t replaced my Janome, time to research what brand/model to buy.  Any suggestions?  Likes or dislikes?

I’m in the mood for some new blogs, I’d love to hear from my readers, who are you, what will I find over at your blog?  Do you have any blogs you think I really must read?  Please share:)

Well talking blogs,  for those who may not have caught the buzz, google reader closes in July:(.  Whilst you are casting around for solutions, I’ll put up my hand to suggest feedly, I’ve been using feedly for months now, I’m happy with the visual layout and the fact I can read posts in entirety in feedly.  Apparently you can’t read the full posts in Bloglovin’

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  • Karen @ Pieces of Contentment

    Hi Erin, it must have been a relief to find a dress you are happy with for the wedding.
    I believe the place you took your Janome to may have just closed down – hope you can find a machine you are very happy with either in our town or elsewhere.

    You can read whole posts in Bloglovin' by clicking on the post title, then it will reload in entirety in Bloglovin', also enabling you to comment.
    I'm still trialling Bloglovin' and Feedly – both are very good.

  • Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    I'm enjoying feedly too, not as much as I loved GReader, but it's not too bad. I think a bolero or shrug would be a fun way to add some color and pop to your beautiful dress. But it's also nice just the way it is. Very elegant!

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    Erin, that dress looks super on you!

    Did you design your own blog or did you get help. I am a bit at sea with my blog (some are so fancy and lovely to see) and am needing a facelift and direction, etc.

  • Erin

    I was astounded at the speed, definitely God! They have indeed closed down! Thanks for the tip about bloglovin' you really must tell me which one you prefer.

    What colour would you suggest to go with the dress? I can't decide.
    And thank you:)

    aww Laura:){}

    Deanne, thanks, I was thinking pinterest, I already have a board of untried styles.

    Too kind, so sweet. checked out your blog too, wonderful to find a fellow Aussie in blogland.

    MT Mama
    Thank you!!:):)
    Designed myself. shoot me an email and I'll try my best to help. I'd say ring but notice you are in NZ

  • Sheryll

    I've been using Feedly also, but I'm not sure I get it because it seems to be pulling from Google Reader. I'm afraid my subscriptions will all vanish from Feedly the day GR goes poof!

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