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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 147)

Last week after reading of a couple of  fantastic Amazon deals, I slumped into a pity party, bemoaning shipping costs from the States to Australia.  However I was instantly struck with a moment of sheer brilliance, what if my favourite bookseller had a bargain box too?  Popping over to have a hunt around I discovered it does indeed!!!  So Book Depository fans check out their Bargain Bucket, I love narrowing down to look at children’s books, that way I can justify my spending;)

Two days ago my mum’s best friend suddenly passed into Eternal Life.  Frances has been mum’s bestie for nearly 30 years, that’s a long time, a lifetime of sharing and support, these two ladies have been massive supports to each other through alot of life’s adversity. Feeling comforted to know that Frances will be now reunited with her two sons who have gone to their Eternal reward before her.  Please pray for the repose of Frances’ soul, and pray for her husband H, her two boys and d-i-l, most especially if you could spare a prayer for my mum as she grieves.

Today is officially the beginning of school holidays here in NSW, two weeks of possibilities. Princess and I are planning some op-shopping and garage sale-ing, ’cause finding a bargain is always fun:)  Also have plans to finally visit a 2nd hand book shop nearby, oh and our library needs a massive cull, the books are overflowing.


Last week I was rather nervous posting a pic of myself, however my readers were too kind.  Regards my questions, jacket or shawl and what colour? I’ve decided a gold shawl would be perfect, now to find it, I’m envisaging a sheer fabric. I’m not going to worry about a purse, PC can carry my ID (and anyway I’m certain I won’t be mistaken for underage;)  I’m on a waiting list for my hairdresser, if they don’t ring me within the next week I’ll hyperventilate   Haven’t begun to even think about makeup…yikes.  My sil tells me I can get a fake tan sprayed, anyone have positive/negative experiences with that?
Just got to talk about the Biggest Loser again, I promise I’m not addicted, I’m often smiling as trainer Shannon so reminds me of one of my brothers.  His enthusiasm and encouragement is so my bro… and then the Commando sends me into peals of laughter, his facial expressions are so male and so readable, now we all knew who he would of voted home last week if needed.  
Einstein is doing very well indeed with his Open Uni course, he’s studying Trigonometry and Algebra.  This week he earned a High Distinction for a test!!!!  Not bad for a lad who has gone from Year 10 maths straight to Uni Maths, admittedly he is putting in alot of work!!
Michelangelo also passed his soccer referee course with high marks!  He is very keen to start refereeing games. Well done son, we’re proud of you.
Visit Camp Patton for more 7 Quick Takes this week. Julia is hosting as Jennifer watches over her precious newborn in the NICU. Please keep little Joseph, Jennifer and her whole family in your prayers.
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