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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 149)

Just saying that our 16, 13 & 11 year olds are rather awesome!  Our 8 yr old’s pretty terrific too!  We left the children with a nanny when we went to the wedding and they were all rather impressive!  Helping the nanny make all run smoothly, cooking, cleaning and caring for the younger ones.  The nanny was rather impressive too.  Well done guys!

They say ‘things’ come in threes, let’s hope this is so and we are all done with medical traumas.  At the beginning of April we saw a split chin and a split lip, totally traumatic! We’ve now concluded the month with a fracture.  Bass has suffered a buckle fracture just below the knee, courtesy of the trampoline.  Currently he is in a back slab, though there is a possibility of a total cast yet.

Whilst waiting at the physio department I had a distressing conversation with an older gentleman.  Back in January, out for an evening walk a young cyclist collided with him on the footpath, breaking his knee in two places.  There was talk of a knee replacement but they rebuild as best as they could and he is currently in a knee brace.  The day the accident happened, the young lad’s father arrived complaining to his son and the gentleman how they had ruined his plans for the day!!!  Not once in all the months since have they contacted him to see how he is.  I really can’t fathom this behaviour, at the very least that young teen should have been taking out this gentleman’s garbage every week, mowing his lawn, to not even make contact!!

Had a conversation with a friend this week, and I realised by my (inner) reaction, I really am a non-conformist.  Probably my upbringing, but I just can’t escape those non-conforming reactions.

Attended a focus/marketing discussion today, subject of discussion was the library. It was quite a fascinating discussion to ponder on our emotive reactions to various questions.  Best of all though, was to realise that I am not the only crazy book lover in this town, I was among kindred spirits!  It really was an awesome feeling to meet total strangers (and reconnect with some old acquaintances) and to instantly feel a connection.

Reading some email advice on how to have only 5 emails in your email box, and I’d have to concur.  I’ve used this method from time to time and find it most effective.  Unsubscribe from clutter and deal immediately with your mail, works!  Along with managing emails, I’m taking a good look at my computer time and how to make the most effective use of time allotted   ‘They’ say a plan prior to sitting down is most effective, and I’d have to concur there too.   In the past I’ve found assigning time to online tasks, plotting what to write about works well.  Now I’m been pondering, wouldn’t  this ‘micro managing’ make the most effective use of our time in many areas of life?

Planning and thinking about time and blogging I realised I need a plan to ‘get into’ a groove and to commit   There are so many parties that tie in with my blogging interests.  There’s pinishers to encourage actually using those pins, there is A Portrait a Week to encourage photography interest using my favourite photography subjects, My Little Bookcase would boost actually reading those picture books I intend too (only I don’t have instagram, no iphone), and The Children’s Bookshelf and Tuesday Treasure would encourage me to write more book reviews which I really want to do.  Lots of inspiration, just needing some time management adjustment.

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