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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 154)

Baby Update: Went for another ultrasound this week to see whether the hematoma had grown or shrunk. Amazingly it has gone, completely!! Praise be to God:):):)

I’m finding it very hard to motivate myself in many areas, but particularly the children’s studies.  It is only through a hard fought battle with myself daily that we achieve anything.

Finally finished reading The Dictionary of 14,000 names and presented my list to PC and the children one night during dinner.  Opinions were stated, some rather strongly, the list was reduced drastically and we now have the final 4, two for boys and two for girls. I love the girls name choices!  We actually have two girls names that I like! and the most perfect middle name for one, and I’m sure we’ll find one for the other choice too.  The boys names I’m 85% happy with, actually one I really like but PC doesn’t as much and vice versa.  My problem with PC’s preferred choice is, it can be easily shortened to rather a plain name and I’m not one to shorten names.  The long version however I love.  Haven’t worried about middle names yet.  Frankly it’s rather amazing we are at this point already.  Last baby I didn’t even mention names until 7 months.

Is thirteen weeks too early to break out the maternity clothes?  It seems early but I have only a few outfits that I still fit into, but I don’t want to wear maternity clothes yet, probably a pride issue.

Culled the girls clothes last week and eliminated three garbage bags of clothes!  We gave away two bags to friends which was such a nice feeling to know that we could benefit others.  We are often blessed to be gifted with clothes and it’s great to return the favour.

We’re still needing clothes for Bass and so I managed to pop into an op shop(thrift shop) last week and scored some terrific finds!  Long sleeve T-shirts, tracksuit pants and a winter shirt for Mass, all in new condition for both Bass and Jem.

We are dealing with a mice plague, a seasonal story as they move in from the paddocks each winter.  PC is convinced that we have intelligent mice, ones with brains and cunning and he could be correct.  This morning we ventured into the library to see if the trap had been successful, to find…a book had landed from a top shelf and set the trap off.  What are the odds? The only fallen book in the whole room, fallen onto the only trap!

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