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Ingenious Towel Rack

Unashamedly I’m very proud of my husband, among his many talents are his handyman skills and his ingenuity.  Last week he combined the two and presented me with his solution to our towel rack dilemma.

Our plastic rack had long collapsed under the weight of 11 towels, anyway any rack is inadequate for more than 4 towels from a drying perspective.

We’ve scoured plumbing shops and catalogues to no avail.  The closest we came to a solution were the heated  racks that would meet the needs of six, but soo pricey.


PC was determined to find something that would spread out each towel so it had a chance to dry.  He tried to think of various options ‘outside the box’ when the idea of pot plant holders came to him!!  He decided to trial it and mounted several onto a huge sheet of mdf board, reinforcing the holders on the inside with another circle of mdf and screws.

At this stage the bare sheeting may not look the most attractive, but it holds eight towels, and all are completely drying.  Taller family members’ towels are hung higher and shorter members lower.  We’ve declared his towel rack a success!


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