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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 156)

Our dear friend Sr Judith passed away this week, so very suddenly.  Sister has been a part of our lives for the past five years since she began teaching our older children Writing Skills.  We are still rather in shock, she will be so sadly missed.  If you could say a prayer for her soul and for all the Sisters of her Community, in particular Sr C, her dearest friend, we would greatly appreciate it.
Eternal rest grant unto her oh Lord, and may Perpetual Light Shine Upon her and may her soul rest in peace. Amen.

Jack Jack made his First Reconciliation today!!:):)   After all that preparation, the big day finally arrived.  He did really well, so proud of him, for a boy with some anxiety issues, he strode into the Confessional with complete confidence.

We’re so enjoying having our College children home:):)  Just hanging out together; chatting and playing, siblings hanging out together, time for mum and dad to be with them, family time, love it:)

Last weekend our Maytag ‘hit the dust’, again.  We decided it was time to ‘call it a day’ and buy a new machine.  Despite our washing machine repair man advising us we really should buy a Speed Queen, we didn’t. We’re sure he is quite correct but a new bathroom took priority.  Instead we bought a Beko front loader! We’re converts to front loaders already, love it! Quiet, efficient, economical.  We’ve all spent time just sitting, watching, fascinated by how they work.

After announcing we have baby’s names all chosen, I’m now not so sure.  All the children except the College two had weighed in on choices and now they’ve added their opinion and… Anna Maria is really keen on a different choice that is soo pretty, so another name added to the top of the list.

Last night I spent a short time perusing a couple of blogs I rarely read, and was reminded why I rarely read them.  Ambiguous writing really irritates me, as a reader I’m either left confused or left feeling the ambiguity is rather rude.  Rather like a friend raving about a party that you weren’t invited to in front of you, or ‘rubbing it in’ that they are privy to something you are not, poor manners.  Yes, I can see the irony in my ambiguous rant, my apologies.

Been chatting with my teens about facebook, all three of us feel we could easily leave it tomorrow, no big deal.  Our family rule has been no fb account until you leave home, the idea was maturity would hopefully bring discernment to miss much of the fb dramas and just one less area for mum and dad to ‘police’.  Neither of our College children post much, nor read, I also often go for weeks without reading, or posting.  I’m left wondering whether the later age of signing up, or the family disinterest has led to our College kids’ disinterest.  Whatever the reason the method works, we’re keeping on this path.

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  • Multi-tasking Mama

    Number 6 had me cracking up. I have friends who do this on FB all the time … it's like a cry for attention and it drives me insane!!!

    Glad to hear your health is better; your baby news is so exciting. xxxx

  • Sarah

    Praying for all of you and for Sister, too. I'm sorry for your loss.

    Ambiguity drives me INSANE. I usually wonder why they bother to blog about it at all if its going to be all cryptic.

    And Facebook- we have a fake name account for family only but I just don't get what everyone loves about it. For me, checking FB is like a chore. 😛

  • Deanne Langford

    Your son encouraged mine to get a FB account, he signed up but don't think he has really used it at all, I don't find it a particularly satisfying way to communicate, but use it more as a tool to get into other things like pinterest!

  • Ingi Mc

    My mum had such issues with her front loader, I went another top loader when ours died.

    Ambiguous? You know we are all wondering "was that my blog?" now!

    My Video Boy (14) has a FB account, but never posts anything. He just follows pages of his favourite video game designers. He prefers Twitter – which he never posts on either. Me? I'm a FB addict!!!!

  • Erin

    PC told me I was being ambiguous when I wrote, pointed out the irony.

    Thank you:){}

    A cry for attention, precisely!

    Thank you, funeral is this week, the boys have been asked to serve, they are honoured. Glad to know I'm not the only one that ambiguity drives mad. Checking fb is a chore for me too, one more 'to do'.

    Not so. I agree it doesn't allow for satisfying communication, no pinterest I love!!

    How long has your Beko lasted? We were fortunate to get a 5yr warranty, 'thrown in'.

    I have had friends who have had issues with a front loader so I am nervous, but so far I see lots of pluses.
    A that's what my PC said, but as I pointed out that would be rude to link to them.
    Well glad fb is working for you, I must me missing something. I want depth, the bits I see are so fleeting.

  • Angel

    Catching up on my blog reading a bit, Erin… so sorry to hear about Sister… and I totally agree about fb. I don't find that I can totally get rid of it because people sometimes try to contact me via fb, but my kids haven't asked for an account and I haven't suggested one. I do wonder if they feel out of the loop since all there friends have fb, but then again, I think they would come to me if they did.

  • Erin

    I'm so hovering on deleting, keeping for now as the easiest way for one friend to be in contact. I really wonder if the fact that our olders waited so long to get fb is why they aren't interested.

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