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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 157)

We’ve been without internet for the past 4 days as our modem died and we had to wait for a replacement.  Interestingly I didn’t really miss the computer.  Thinking I’ll get serious about an ‘internet Sabbath’, which we have implemented in patches, a great idea.

PC and I went out for dinner with Anna Maria last week, a pleasure to spend individual time with our girl.  Our plan is to take Carpenter out next week.  A lovely tradition that we have begun with our College teens when they come home.

Packed away all my regular clothes this week and unpacked stored maternity clothes.  After realising I had a very sad wardrobe indeed I had a look around the internet for inspiration.  Several posts helped me see clothes in an ‘outside the box’ way.  We set of to the op-shops (thrift) looking for clothes that would lend themselves to maternity clothes (more on that in another post), also I was looking for regular jeans that I could convert to maternity jeans, this seems so doable.  We had a successful shop (pics later) and now I have the internet back I can convert the jeans:)

Talking op-shops we also found a beautiful circular, solid timber table that is perfect for a card table for our games room.  Inspired by this find, we’ve moved the piles of timber out of the games room, plan on painting over the weekend, then we’ll set up the room as a games/toy room.  I can’t wait!!!

Made a couple of fabric bins for our learning room revamp this week. Very happy with the results.

Last week of school holidays here, mostly we’ve spent the fortnight relaxing together.  All the rage has been rip-sticks and scooters, which is great, however…. whenever the children are playing on the deck the dog barks!!

Whilst lessons are due to resume on Monday I’m totally unprepared due to our internet issues.  A learning blog is a wonderful tool, but the drawback is I can’t access my notes when the internet is down.

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  • Multi-tasking Mama

    My Laptop has developed a chronic problem and I am in a complete dither. It may have to go off to the PC Dr and and I have soooo much to do. I cannot remain calm … how will I live without Pinterest for instance? Hehehe, I could end up with withdrawel symptoms! (BTW I am on Pinterest as Multi-tasking Mama in case you want to check my boards.) Take care, Lisa

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