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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 158)

Praise the Lord!  Sarah’s baby boys arrived safely last night!!:):)  That’s right babies, Sarah has two little darlings to love.

The day before however Dwija shared that her baby boy has gone home to Heaven.  Please pray for Dwija and her family as they grieve. As Mary shares, life is indeed precious.

Our Bass at 2yrs is extremely independent.  He changes his clothes several times a day, creating a huge washload, and is determined to carry his plate of food to the table, pour his food etc.  Very, very determined.

Jelly Bean, was keen on cooking pancakes by herself this week, pouring on the batter and flipping by herself. After being impressed with her ability I realised she is 9 already and really more than capable.  Why is it sometimes that we expect less from our middle children than we did from their older siblings at the same age.

This week I was quite excited to make some changes around the house.  After setting up the games room, matters snowballed and I began de-cluttering the visible clutter in other rooms.  Why is no one else in my household ever as excited as I am about cleaning accomplishments?

Lessons started back this week, a relaxed start as our College children are still with us until the weekend. I’m really happy with our choices for history and geography, still haven’t quite ‘nailed down’ science.  Frankly our children would be happy with focusing on animals only, ever, with  magic school bus DVDs thrown in.

Have been in a cooking slump for a very long time, I’ve been lacking inspiration.  Any recommendations for excellent Real Food cookbooks?

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