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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 159)

Writing an email this week led to a discussion between PC and I; which is more correct to say; a ‘pair of rosary beads’ or a ‘set of rosary beads’? Whilst we had heard the term, pair of rosary beads, logically it seemed the term should be set. A little research and the result is, it is a ‘set of rosary beads’.

Rant warning:  Why do I see some many mums carrying newborns casually around the shopping centre, without socks, warm leggings or blankets!!??  These babies are blue with cold, babies run at a different temperature to mama you know!  Perhaps this is all due to wisdom no longer being passed down from generation to generation.

A couple of months ago blogosphere lit up with posts regarding children’s behaviour in Church, whether children should be welcome in church or should stay at home until older, should we use crying rooms or not, (Kendra’s recent link up shows this is still a hot button topic). Frankly I was rather appalled at some comments in posts, the intolerance of some people, and not only the older folks, some ‘parents in the trenches’ were quite judgmental.
If I had stayed at home with my little ones until they were ‘old enough’ to attend Church I wouldn’t have gone for the past 20 years!!  And folks please be kind and watch what you say, you may not intend to sound judgmental but you may.  Recently we attended Mass in our capital city, I was fascinated by this young family of four little boys, all under 6, who were so cutely dressed in suits, and perfectly behaved.  Dad popped up to read, mum took the baby out when he cried and the three little chaps sat in the front pew like angels.  After Mass I searched for mum to congratulate her on how well behaved her little chaps were and how gorgeous they looked.  She responded that, they were all old enough to know how to behave, she expected their behaviour.  Umm, well I backed away rather quickly.  Imagine if I was a new mum, I would have felt so demoralised, let’s face it, I’m a mum with nearly 20 years and she made me feel demoralised. Yeah I aim for perfect behaviour each week, and some weeks I get it, but there is no way I could guarantee it each week.

Pam suggested a page dedicated to Extension posts, what do you think? That way if you want to read a post from months ago you would quickly find it.  The page would either contain just the titles (and links) or titles (links) and a short snippet.  Having searched back through the blogs of other mamas, I could see how this could be quite useful for some of my more ‘popular’ topics, not just extensions.  Thoughts?

We were sharing with Daddy this week our geography studies.  I had two ‘startling moments’ during the conversation.  Jelly Bean who had melted down over the studies, “I don’t understand, it’s too hard” was still able to explain to all about the Stratosphere, Troposphere and Mesosphere. The other was, Michelangelo was able to join in with amazing clarity and detail and and add to the conversation.  He hadn’t participated in the morning’s study as he had previously studied this book eight years ago when he was six!! (or it may have been earlier than that)  Incredible to realise he remembers from so many years ago!!

Why is it that some books become family favourites, what makes some books really resonate with your family?  We were enjoying one such favourite today, You are All My Favorites, this has become such a popular book it has become part of our family culture. A child asks me, “Am I Your Favourite?” and I answer, “Yes” and then all chant “You are All My Favourites”.

Yesterday I shared about being more relaxed with our children’s learning this week, and yet today I was ‘pushing them’ to ‘finish’ up their work.  Seems I’m still striving to find our happy medium.

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  • The Kibbes!

    We don't have a cry room at our church so we roll the dice with behavior every week. Some weeks are better than others. I appreciate it when another mom will take my little one so I can take some time to 'teach/show' my older one what appropriate behavior is/should be. At one point/age can you expect kids to behave in church? There was a family with 8 boys that visited a few months ago. I was in awe of their AMAZING behavior. Seriously impressive.

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    I so agree with you re babies without socks, etc … it so annoys me too! I want to go over and rub their little feet between my hands to warm them.

    As for crying rooms, what do people think Jesus would think of them? I think he'd be disappointed and want to gather the children around. Then again I simply love kids of all ages so what do I know.

  • Erin

    Good question, at what point. Certainly by the age of reason I have far higher expectations, but even then there is still some fine tuning to do some days. Great to be inspired by a family.

    Glad someone thinks the same as me. Yes, precisely what would Jesus think!

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