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When Jennifer threw down the gauntlet and invited all to, “Join in posting 7 posts in 7 days” I was reasonably confident I could do it.  Being a list maker, I allocated a post to each day, Monday – portraits, Tuesday -finish the mammoth Confirmation post I’d been working on for days, Wednesday – fabric bins but first I’d have to make another to photo document, Thursday – a book review post, Thursday I ran out of blogging mojo.

Book review posts take a fair amount of work, some can be days in the making.  Wanting something a little quicker I took a scan through my drafts of possible post ideas, well there’s a reason those possibles are still in drafts, they are deep posts waiting to be written; where I share about my years of burnout and recovery, directed learning vs natural learning, the importance of community involvement, or yet more book posts that take time, or untimely ones, like the reflective one on motherhood that would be relevant around Mother’s Day.

Thinking maybe my family could help I asked at the tea table for blog post ideas.  My 7 year old suggested I tell you all “what an awesome family I have”, but I’m sure you all know that by now;) Then a teen piped up with the fact that I have never had a picture of him on my blog header.  A mis-direction in conversation occurred then, certain teens, who shall remain nameless occasionally bring up the fact that they have never made it to the blog banner.  This conversation first occurred when I shared with the children a satirical post about children of blogging mamas needing therapy when college age. (alas I can’t find the post, it was funny and yet, one wonders if it contained truth)  I’d asked my darlings if they would be needing therapy, if they felt undervalued because a post about one sibling might have received more comments than a post about them (part of the satire in the post under discussion- also talked about how some children are given numbers not names on blogs).  Well my comedians launched into how they felt unloved because they had never been on the blog banner and yet some siblings had more than once!  Months later this conversation occasionally crops up, are they serious or are they stringing me along, I’m still not certain.  I guess I really should do a new blog banner of teens, then I’ll be certain they won’t need therapy;)

As my family didn’t provide a solution to my blogging dilemma I thought maybe I should share some of the random thoughts that float through my brain daily. But would that really interest anyone, wouldn’t it be a little like the person on facebook who keeps sharing pics of ‘what I had for dinner’.  Anyhow sharing some of my random mind ponderings of this day.

I ponder about our Bass (2) who insists on a kiss from Daddy each morning when he leaves for work, he demands one and then raises his forehead for his kiss and makes certain his Daddy doesn’t miss anyone else either.  Then the ‘air kisses’ often begin, blowing Dad kisses and then each other for the next few minutes.  I also then begin thinking about a conversation with PC how alike in many ways Bass is to an older child who also had quirks, both boys change at least 4 times a day, both would/do get fixated, both extremely independent, both have very definite ideas.

I ponder about how Princess (11) and I attended Psalm singing today with dear friends and really enjoyed the experience.  In their Church they only sing psalms not hymns, anyhow we really enjoyed joining in.  A possibility of undertaking handicrafts with these mamas was raised and Princess is really, really keen.  I realised anew after conversations with this budding young lady that she is growing up fast and really needs more personalised mother attention.

I then ponder how our teen boys also need more individual attention, they too are growing up so fast.  I know I’ll blink and they too will be gone.  Which leads me to pondering we’re really proud of the direction our college children are heading since they’ve rejuvenated over semester break.  And yes I really need to ring them and touch base, it has been a couple of days since we chatted.

I ponder about the fact that Jelly Bean (9) is still not reading independently frustrates me at times, particularly when all she needs is practice and desire.  And although I consider Jack Jack (7) a good reader for his age (not independent but not far behind JB) at 7 years their older sister was reading Ramona, so maybe I’ve just lowered my standards (yes I know we shouldn’t compare).  Then I ponder about Maria Montessori and children reading at 4 years and once again wonder if some of my children have ‘missed the boat’ and I should have been more diligent at 4.  Jem is 4, soon 5, so maybe I should begin teaching him his sounds, I’m running out of the 4 years window!  So hurry up and begin reading independently you two!  I subject a friend to these ponderings.

I ponder about the conversation with other friends about quality and not quantity in regards to lessons and about how education is weaving a tapestry. I ponder about how much more relaxed I have been with our children this week, striving to find a balance between learning and relationship, how connected learning takes time. And yet I still wonder, is this right or should we be trying to ‘fit it all in’.

I ponder how I love being in my 40s, how I have far more self-confidence, and how happy I am with just my own company, how I hate having to go out, though I always enjoy time with friends when I do.  Or perhaps this is just pregnancy.

I ponder on my new motto Ora et Labora, and how for some reason I’m finally finding the balance I’ve been striving for so long between prayer and work.  For some reason this motto is just what I need to keep in mind daily.

I ponder how our children tend to go for months without appearing to have any craft in their lives and then they binge, a phenomena I should be comfortable with by now.  Currently it’s all about making paper planes, months back it was origami and before that the rage was drawing.  This is their rhythm.

I ponder about their current craze for ripstick and scooter riding, and how moving their cafe to the deck has increased the production of ‘hot chocolate’ and ‘berry drinks’, and do other children sift dirt to make flour?

My brain often has these rather random thoughts daily, usually only PC, my teens or close friends are subjected to my randomness.  Today you are the lucky recipients;)

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  • Ingi Mc

    I love random thought posts, because it shows I'm not mad after all!

    And I just wanted to add that one of the issues I have with Montessori or Steiner or any of those "philosophies" of education is that they ignore that all kids are different and what happens if they don't fall into the "way of the world" as prescribed by them? Riddle me that.

  • Erin

    Well Angela you made my day{{}}

    Thanks Cassie, and welcome.

    Ingi, not mad indeed. Well now your question begs a whole post (or two) in response;) Very, very spot on, which is why I keep pondering the window and not actively pursuing.

    Ruby, true, well hope your glimpse wasn't too waffly for you:)

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