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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 163)

In my attempt to expose our children to some craft moments I’ve hit upon a new method.  I’ve divided all of our craft into 5 big boxes, and each day I rotate, basically I heave the box onto the table and encourage the children to create:)

This week I’ve been sick for days and suffice it to say the house looks totally trashed.  Yes I have tweens and teens who are totally capable of keeping house, but the truth is, mama’s standard is not achieved without mama’s hand ‘at the wheel.’

I’ve been considering blog designs and what is eye catching and appealing again.  I’ve read various articles which give advice, some I agree with, sometimes though I think a ‘professional blog’ is different to a ‘mama blog’.  One advice I totally agree with however is; folks widen your page widths and make your pictures larger!!

Soccer season finishes tomorrow!!! Yippee:)  Whilst I’m a fan of team sports, seeing many benefits, I’m also a fan of taking it easier in the summer.  We might do swimming, or perhaps tennis, but these activities are during the week.  I will have my Saturday mornings back!! free to leisurely enjoy bacon and eggs with PC, to catch up on housework, to help PC with building work.  Saturday mornings how I have missed thee.

This morning I informed the children I am convinced I am having a boy, the truth is I really don’t know but hey, we have to be ready either way.  So I’ve begun compiling a boys name list in earnest. Interestingly, names that you think sound like possibles may look totally different when written down with your surname, sometimes they don’t look as strong as they sounded.

Einstein has been teaching Michelangelo and Princess to learn to drive.  Each afternoon they set off around the property in the paddock basher, crawling along, ’cause we only let them crawl at this stage.  They are proving to be apt students and absolutely loving learning.

Still another couple of weeks of winter left, yet the children have been swimming in the dam, nearly daily!!  It will be weeks before it is warm enough for me to swim, still it is time to reclaim the pool and have it functioning for swimming.

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  • Ruby

    I hope you are feeling better now? I also seem to have to be driving to get stuff done and I wonder where I went wrong in the training that my children can't run things when I am out of action. Hubby is too old to learn new tricks!

  • Erin


    Eventually, they get it, well at least those who have left home seem to have.

    Thanks:) Have really been looking at what is appealing on other blogs for an idea. Glad you like my craft boxes, they bring a smile to me every day:)

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