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Dear Older Sibs

* Early Sunday morning this was emailed to all my children, sharing here.
To My Dear
Older Sibs
I just want
to say thanks! I know you put in all the hard work and I’m reaping the benefits,
but you did it, you broke mum and dad in and I’m grateful.
Why you did
the bulk of the hard yards and I’ve only had to fine tune them a little. They
know who is boss around here.
I hear them mutter, “shades of their older brother/sister” when I and my two
comrades in arms do something.  But mostly these days they take it all in
good grace and go along with the program.
Why at five
am this morning when I woke screaming and needing a shower because I wet the
bed (you ask why no nappy, because I don’t want one!! Mum finally understood
that the night I woke 3 times whenever she tried to put one on) 
Anyhow this
morning mum showered me, and then dressed me.  Well that was where
she forgot the program, she didn’t offer me 5 choices of clothing but only
bought one! However, against my better judgement she talked me into wearing her
choice, then I changed my mind, as I’m very wont to do and went screaming down
the hall.  Mum was good natured about it all, when you consider she was shivering
in bare feet and thin jammies, she offered me other choices but then I decided
the first shirt would do afterall and put it back on.  I must say mum is rather
mellow these days, she just sighed and followed me back to bed.
So big bros
and sisters, I owe you mates
Your loving
little brother

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