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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 164)

For the past few weeks I have felt as if I was drowning each time I walked into our library.  There were literally piles and piles of books covering the floor, there was simply not sufficient room on the shelves for all the books.  The time had come to undertake a mega cull.  All week I have been culling and culling and it was rather exciting to drop off  8 boxes of books in town today!

Whilst in town I took the opportunity to check out a couple of op-shops, some days you just hit it lucky, and some days are duds, today was a lucky one.  I found a lovely cake stand, just beautiful and a set of stainless steal storage containers. Five books, I was good and restrained myself and swimmer shorts and rashie shirts for most of the family, all in excellent condition, plus a pair of brand new sandals for Princess.  Awesome shopping:)

I’m planning on making a couple of shrug/bolero jackets for the girls.  I’ve found a child’s frilly pattern and an adult pattern, though neither are ‘quite it’.  The process does seem rather doable and I’ve purchased some penne velvet.  If you have any tips, patterns to share please do.

I’ve been doing some ‘housekeeping’ on my blog. Simplifying the side bars and the category picture labels, I’ve also added an ‘Introducing Us’ and blogroll page…..what do you think? Any other suggestions for improvement? I’m open to advice, opinions.

Carpenter moves into his own rental house tomorrow, living just down the road from Anna Maria.

Do you insist the males in your household put down the toilet seat and lid? This is a very important question you know.

Very excited to announce we have finally found a boy’s name we love.  We have really fallen in love with our choice.  So we’re all set now:)  Only four months to go.

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