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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 169)

Yesterday saw the worst fires in NSW in ten years, the sky ver Sydney was dark as nearly one hundred fires blazed throughout the state.  Hundreds of families have lost their homes, it is uncertain if any lives have been lost.  Although weather conditions have cooled, some fires are still being fought.  Please pray for all those who have lost their homes and the fireries fighting the fires and for all others involved.

Had a realisation today, as Jem has been promoted to the job list, Jack Jack now has to work independently of me.  However he found it all too overwhelming and was not tackling the task (toy room). When I broke his ‘area room’ down into bite sized bits, jotting each job to be completed on the blackboard ie. pick up cars, pick up blocks, move washing etc.  He was keen to complete each job and cross it off as he went.

My phone charger has been, ahem, lost by a borrower.  I’m seriously considering buying an upgrade phone instead of a re-charger, that way we’ll be able to text our College children.  They have repeatedly said it would be far easier to text us, keeping us more in their day to day loop.  If you have older children has this been your experience?

Whilst said borrower had my phone for a week and a half, the bill rocketed up by $88!! Borrower was puzzled as contact was not always made with brother, the person borrower was trying to contact. Upon ringing the phone company we discovered that those 3 second phone calls where contact was not even made with brother’s answering service was still considered a connection and cost $1.20 each time.  Apparently brother needs to change the setting on his phone.

Waiting to see the midwife this week I picked up a magazine and was reading about celebrity kids and how much their parents spend on them.  Totally blown away, 2 year olds who have $85,000 dollar wardrobes, one tot who has 8 nannies.  Seriously!!  I’m certain all this spending is not guaranteeing happiness.

Matt Walsh’s post, “You’re a stay-at-home mom, What do you DO all day” sure resonated with me. Sadly our society today does not value parenting, and is certainly not supportive of mothers who work full time in the home.  We really need a mind change.

Woke up this morning with a fright, I’d had a dream, I’d given birth to our baby and we had…. quadruplet boys!!! In the cold rational light of the day I know we are having a singleton but in the dark it was real.  So I woke PC and told him we were “having quads and they were all boys”.  He retorted it probably meant we were having a boy and rationalised the quads meant my four boys in a row.  Washing baby boy clothes now, I’ll bypass the pinks.

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