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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 16)

How wonderful it is to be back, I have really missed recording my 7 Quick Takes. Actually last night I was having a browse back over the weeks and realised what a blessing it is to have undertaken this exercise, so much I would have forgotten otherwise. Thank you Jen for hosting this initiative. Well lots to tell..

After much deliberation and checking alternatives PC and I have finally made a decision to build a shed. The shed is to be our learning room. Currently our learning room is our dining, lounge, study combined and its small. I’m very excited, we are planning on lining and insulating as we are likely to be in there for the next five years, until we finish building the extensions. (We’ll start extensions in 2yrs when PC finishes his CPA studies) Later it may revert to a garage or we may use it as a rumpus room; with a ping pong and pool table.

I have written up elaborate dreams for this room and PC thinks they are all doable; a 9m wall of floor to ceiling bookcases, storage bins for toys and dress ups, work tables, computer stations, picture book bins (like the libraries)and picture book display shelves, Montessori shelves(these will be lockable)Catechesis Altar and storage, Geography Center, Nature/Science Center, a corner for the little ones, PC even suggested a wet area for the art center. Lots of ideas, please feel free to add anything I’ve missed.


I wanted to share this picture of Jem in his leading role as ‘Baby Moses, he wasn’t too sure about acting.

Whilst I was internet less my friend Marilyn had a sweet baby girl Anna Grace, she is so gorgeous. Welcome Anna Grace, congratulations to all the W family:)

I’m currently reading three of Elizabeth Georges’ books. I can’t settle on which one to read, they are so what I need to hear. I’m reading Beautiful in God’s Eyes, A Wife after God’s Own Heart and Woman After God’s Own Heart. Elizabeth George is a Christian author who has written several books. They speak to me in so many areas of my life. I’m considering a weekly post; sharing snippets and discussing.


I couldn’t resist this picture of Jem after a meal. He was determined to feed himself, with these results.


Whilst visiting Gae we spent time planning a weekly accountability to each other. As mums of large families we feel the need to encourage one other; we find some of our weekly plans are consistently skipped despite our desires otherwise. So we discussed the areas we wish to address the most and most importantly wrote down what days we plan to do these activities on. We plan to report in to one another weekly.
We wrote: Science experiments on Monday or Tuesday. Atrium/Catechesis of the Good Shepherd on Tuesday, Sewing/Handcrafts on Thursdays. Also a daily half hour of picture books, and a chapter book reading for the older ones. Thought I’d share this week’s science experiment.

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  • Marilyn

    Thanks for all your wishes Erin. I have tried to email you several time – they all keep coming back to me saying that your server is not recognized?!! Let me know if you have received any of them.

    Your plans sound awesome. We have a pool table in our basement and this Christmas Steve got the boys a ping pong conversion top for the table – both are hits with all the boys from 1 to 41!! We used to joke that Steve's second wife is his pool table – when we were looking for a house, we had to find one that could take his pool table!!

  • TL.

    #5 Oh I would love that!!
    I've never heard about this author, could you do a general post about what insights she brought you? I'm reviewing "the first years of forever" on my blog and it's not a catholic book, but I like to just quote a few sentences that brought me a different view on something, and I would love to see it on someone else's blog. I like it when a book actually changes your mind about something.. 🙂 Especially if it's encouraging or about marriage improvement 🙂

    Also congrats on the shed, the project itself is great for learning!!

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