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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 17)

Truly most of my head is taken up with shed ideas at present, I know I’ve already talked about it but I just have to talk some more. I’m fantasizing about these picture book boxes, and these display shelves. PC is promising to make them:)

Sibling bonding, a very familiar scene around here.

Jelly Bean’s 5th birthday is in 11 days. She has compiled a birthday present list that includes; scissors, pencils, pretty paper, markers and a whiteboard. An average 5th birthday list??

The main reason to have 12 tonnes of road base delivered is for sliding; not to repair the driveway.

At the risk of sounding boring I am still waiting for my satellite dish to be repaired. It has been three weeks!! Customer service is obsolete apparently.

The children have been teaching Jack Jack to leave his eyes open whilst posing for camera shots.

Next Monday is the big day for Gae and family, please, please pray that their house sells so this family of 13 can be re-united.

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  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    What else is gravel, dirt or any other building material for if not to slide down.
    Where are those plans for me to look at?
    Please keep up the prayers, the stress of this time is starting to happen as we clean and tidy up.
    God Bless

  • Holly Rutchik

    Someone told me once that, "being in the same room and being able to just sit and read is a sign of real love"
    I always loved that saying, as we love to read over here and don't feel the need to always be talking. Come check me out as I am asking for prayers over at my blog!

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