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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 170)

Recently PC idly wondered what it would be like to take a prenatal birth class (after all these years!!) I responded, no way! I’d be hyperventilating instead of using the correct breathing technique!! I don’t plan on even thinking about labour till I’m in the car driving in. With my earlier babies I used to psyche myself up, read books, practice breathing etc, now I’m an ostrich, I avoid thinking about labour, all too fresh in my mind.

We’ve been married nearly 21 years, at the conclusion of this pregnancy I would have been pregnant for 7 years, breastfeeding for about 12 years and for the past 20 years they have all been nights of broken sleep.  Just saying…

A question for my fellow bloggers, how many posts do you have in drafts? I’ve just reduced my possibles down to 8, I’m curious about other bloggers’ habits.  Are you like me and some of those drafts sit there for months, some you ‘peck away at’ and finally publish, and some you end up deleting?

Jem’s(5) theology continues to make me laugh, take yesterday’s conversation.
Jem: “I’d like to swim for 8 hours”
Me: “You’d turn into a prune”
Jem: “Angels could swim for 8 hours”
Me: “But they have jobs to do”
Jem: “Some angels don’t, the ones in Heaven who are adoring God all the time, they would have time to swim for 8 hours”

The last few weeks I’ve been reserving online like crazy from my local library, due to our Leaping into Literature plans.  What I’m finding most frustrating, and therefore time consuming is they do not categorise books consistently, nor are they broad in their categorising.  I’ll explain, if I was in charge;) I would broadly label books, science, then narrow the field to say, physics, then magnets.  So one title would have all three labels, easy to find in a broad and in a narrow search.  Sadly I have to select magnets only which does not help my broad search, nor can I rely on the library consistently labeling magnets, as they have various staff who are not all consistent in labeling.  As I said, it takes my hours to find and reserve books.

On a positive note, our town is finally building a new library and I can’t wait!!  Building is projected to be finished by Christmas and all is on schedule so far.  This library is many times larger than our current library and our librarians assure me they have so many exciting plans for this new library. Starting with a toilet in the same building and not half a block away! and pram and wheelchair access to the children’s section are also well overdue.  Just imagine how many more books they will be able to display:)  Grand opening sometime in the New Year:)

With children swimming everyday now, I’m considering logistics.  Some hooks for the towels and swimmers, maybe a cupboard on the deck for swim towels, and a basket for the pool toys.  Any suggestions or pinterest pins to share would be gratefully accepted.

Hosted this week over at Clan Donaldson by Cari, so head over to read more 7 Quick Takes.

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  • Ruby

    I reckon after 8 hours their feathers would get heavy 😀
    If you can get hold of a copy of the Dewey decimal system it should break down into categories as above. eg 800 Literature, 820 Australian Literature etc. Again that may depend a little on who has accessioned the books I guess. I worked as a Library Assistant for more than five years using both Dewey and Library of Congress and got to know the break downs pretty well, though that would be way to big a stretch for me these days 😀

    • Erin

      Lol. I was referring to fiction books and searching by tags. However on your rec I went back and tried to search by the dewey and found only three books under 820 and none under 800, now I know our library has far more than that!! obviously inconsistent tagging again. sigh

  • Maia

    I only recently started keeping drafts in my folder. Usually I like to have the instant gratification of publishing. But…busy mom here…so…TIME! Right now I have 3 drafts and I am still interested in finishing them (as opposed to in the past when saving something to the draft folder was the kiss of death).

    Pretty sure the theology in #4 is 100% sound!

    • Erin

      Welcome:) ah the kiss of death, I understand. this is what I was wondering when looking at my 8 drafts the other day, some have been there for years! 3 sounds good.

  • Cassie Williams

    I'm not much of a blogger so I don't think I have any officially in draft at the moment. They seem to be stuck in my head. I struggle with finding books too at the library. I do my online search and make my list but I try to make sure we have time to just browse as I always find books on the shelf that I couldn't find doing an online search.

    I like the idea of hooks on the deck for swim towels. They could also dry there when done. You could always have a basket of towels by the door that the kids go out to the pool. I know several that do that. If a towel is forgotten you just stick your hand in the door instead of walking in the house all wet. At my parent's pool they have an made for outdoor storage container that contains all the toys. One problem is it is outside year round and plastic toys don't last while exposed to heat and cold. It's too big to drag in the garage at the end of the season.

    • Erin

      I've been trying to browse a little more lately, which actually has been a good experience too. Problem is our library has 5 branches so there are also heaps of other great books at the other branches.
      Like the hook idea, love the basket idea and I could make an outdoor storage and fortunately we have a deck so it could go there.

  • Sarah

    I have tons of drafts. Currently 40-ish? Insane, I know. But I have more ideas than time, so that's what happens.

    I rarely have time to hammer out a post all at once, so keeping several in draft form that I can work on in snippets works for me. I really actively only work on 3 or 4 at a time. The rest are mostly in idea- generating form. Brainstorms, more or less.

    • Erin

      40 is insane my friend;) However I appreciate your brain is just ticking all the time. Like you many of my post take a few days or longer to be pecked away at. A brain dump, I understand. Of those 40 how many are likely to make it to publish? Do you find if you leave it too long an idea that was just burning to be expounded on looses its drive?

  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    Well I am sure to top Sarah's drafts I told you on the phone I thought about 150 well not I was wrong there are only…. 453.
    These can vary from a heading (not many of these actually) for a quick idea to partial posts of photos loaded waiting for text and then part photo part text.

    I sometimes go back and publish them, some have sat there for ages and some well not sure if they will ever see the light of day.

    My life and interests vary so much and like Sarah my thoughts are faster than I can publish
    Love Gae

    • Erin

      Well you do indeed win the prize!!! 453!!! Did you feel overwhelmed when you realised how many? Do you have the dates for ahead so they all sit at the top glaring at you? Mmm maybe I should give you a challenge, see how many draft posts you can publish in a month, interested? Actually maybe that is a challenge for all who are interested, any takers?

  • Mary

    I have about eight or so in there but I can't stand them sitting too long so I do delete from time to time.

    And I think if we are blessed with another baby my approach to labor will be the same. Don't tell any of my clients 😉

    • Erin

      8 sounds reasonable to me:) I deleted 2 the other day and left 8, I should delete more because after 12mths + am I really going to complete?? Want tell your clients but I feel reassured. My theory is after baby no 4 most mothers feel like this, all too fresh.

  • Marie@Team Horning

    My baby boy just turned 1 month and I agree don't worry till it's time. I didn't worry until I was driving to hospital. I kept praying and thinking about how much it was going to hurt maybe not the best attitude I've had at delivery time ( I have had 5 other deliveries).

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