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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 172)

On Sunday we had a rather dramatic event occur.  A lightning bolt struck a tree less than 50 metres from the house, the base of the tree caught fire and in our hot, drought conditions the fire began to spread rapidly. Fortunately PC saw it, and called for the older children to come running with shovels.  Some rather frighting moments followed as they put out the fire whilst lightning continued. We were worried that the fire would take hold and spread towards the house, with all the building supplies surrounding it would quickly take hold.  Providently within a few moments rain began to pour.

Wonderfully we’ve had rain, not only on Sunday, but nearly every day since!! Sufficient to fill one tank and begin filling a second. Showers are no longer on the mist spray, and can be enjoyed for 3 minutes instead of 1:)  Such a relief.

Sadly my computer’s hard drive has been fried, in fairness it was an understandable panic reaction considering Sunday’s events. The computer needed to be shut down and then unplugged as an electrical storm was brewing. Unfortunately the computer hadn’t finished shutting down before the power was switched off and the plug pulled.

Shout out to my local friends.  Our library as of tomorrow will be having a sale table with discarded books starting at 50c!! So exciting.  Even more thrilling, simply pinching myself……. when the new library opens in January they are purchasing all new furniture and selling the old via an auction.  This means ladies all those lovely wooden bookcases and picture book display shelves and, and……. the picture book bins will be auctioned off!!!!  I’m hyperventilating as I write. I’ve been pestering PC for several Christmases to make me book bins, I’ve even measured and drawn them, and he tells me today he’s even been in and measured them (isn’t he the mostest:)  When I rang PC as soon as I heard the news he insists we must bid and win.

Each week as I’ve been maxing out several cards requesting books online (limit of 20 books per card) I came up with a brilliant solution to my problem of trying to remember ID numbers and passwords and having to run up the call searching for library cards.  I simply wrote out everyone’s ID numbers and passwords and stuck the paper onto the filing cabinet next to my computer. Why do the simplest solution elude me sometimes?

Yesterday I wrote a post on The Challenges of Blogging, I’ve been overwhelmed with the responses, not only the amount of comments but the quality of responses, all totally thought provoking.  So much so that I’m planning on writing another post in response.  Part of the excitement with the flurry of comments is to hear from people whom I had no idea even read my blog:) I love following them back to their blog and discovering hitherto unknown blogs.

Recently I’ve discovered a whole new community of bloggers, Aussie mums, mostly I’ve discovered these mums through Maxabella’s Weekend Rewind link up.  Aussie mums have a different style of writing to my friends from over the ocean (and I totally love my overseas friends), I’m not quite sure what I mean, how to describe the differences.(Can anyone explain what is eluding me?) However I’m enjoying discovering new friends right here on Aussie soil.

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  • Laura Pearl

    You do have a different style of writing, and I love it. You use words we Americans don't often use–like "whilst" and "fortnight," and I can't remember any others right this minute– but I find it so charming, and a sweet change from the usual.

    Also, when I read Take #1, I couldn't help but think of "The Thorn Birds" (one of my favorite novels of all time) and the catastrophic fire at the Australian ranch called Drogheda. I'm glad you were able to get yours under control before it got dangerous!

  • meaculpa

    Yes we speak the same language but mean totally different things! I think this is what separates the generations too. My DC don't have the same references that I do, ditto Americans & Aussies also.

  • Erin

    Haven't found anything special yet, but will keep looking.

    I'm thinking it's some sort of cultural difference but can't pin it down. (btw we call them stations not ranches;)

    True, very true regards generations. there is 20 yrs between me and my youngest sister, that's three generations amongst siblings, we talk about the differences sometimes

    Was so scary with how flammable everything is!

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