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Chinese Picture Books

As we ‘toured the world‘ during the past fortnight we discovered some new Chinese picture books, and re-visted some previously shared.

Peeking Ducks – Krista Bell
A sweet story about inquisitive duck siblings who didn’t listen to their parents advice and wandered down their stream to the Big River. Many dangers nearly befall them but they luckily advert all dangers and make it down to the River and back home again safely. Cute.
3 Star

The Magic Pillow – Demi  A poor boy named Ping is give a magic pillow and dreams of what a lifetime of wealth and power would be like, he concludes the riches of family and freedom are much more valuable.  Based on a famous Chines folktale. Exquisite illustrations.
5 Star

The Race for the Chinese Zodiac – Gabrielle Wang
A long time ago in ancient China, the Jade emperor, ruler of heaven and earth proclaimed a great race, the first twelves animals to cross the river would each have a year named after them.  Some animals raced honestly, some deviously, some helped others, some were focused, some distracted.  Thus became the Chinese Zodiac.  Our children find the Chinese Zodiac rather interesting so this was a good find.  3.5 Star

Peacock Girl – Lily Wu
A young aspiring dancer finds a scrap of beautiful ‘peacock’ material in her Grandmother’s Treasure Box.  Her grandmother shares with her an untold story.  Both her Grandmother and her Mother were also dancers, both wore a beautiful dress for their dancing debuts, the dress was a treasured family possession, until one day during the Chinese Cultural Revolution soldiers destroyed the dress, all that was left was the scrap.  The grandmother made a new dress for the young girl’s dance debut and sewed the scrap of ‘peacock’ fabric into her dress.  Heartbreaking, poignant, and generated plenty of discussion in our home about the Cultural Revolution and Communism.  Lovely illustrations. Would also suit for Chinese History.  5 Star

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