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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 173)

Last week I shared my computer’s hard drive was sadly fried. My brilliant husband however managed to save it!!!! He took the hard drive off my computer tried it on another, reconfigured, and after a great deal of patient persistence got it all working again.
We’ve since downloaded all of my documents, years and years of organisation for various committees etc onto a thumb drive.  Still not quite trusting that the computer will run along smoothly.

Only 3.5 weeks till the baby is due and 4.5 weeks till Christmas, and frankly I’ve done nothing to prepare for either.  I told my favourite supermarket operator this week that as I couldn’t decide what to prepare for first I’ve begun nothing.  Hopeless I know.

The above statement isn’t totally true, I have bought a change table for the baby, and oh my it’s gorgeous!!!! Simply the most impressive piece of furniture any of my babies have had.  I love, love, love it!!! Mahogany stain, and a collectors piece, our best find of the day at last weekend’s garage sales.

Last week we were walking past the jeweller’s shop and PC talked me into trying on an eternity ring, rather poetic, it had 10 diamonds, and we’re about to have 10 children, just days after our 21st wedding anniversary.  It was fun to try on but honestly, it wasn’t as nice as my engagement ring, so we walked away happy:)

I’ve added a page tab at the top of the blog, a book list page with all reviews grouped and easy to find. I’ve also uploaded all the reviews over at Aussie Book Threads, lots more work to do there but great to do an update.

I’m also working on writing up an Australian chronological history list for picture books.  I realised whilst we have lots of chapter books on Australian history we haven’t many picture books.  I’ve been perusing lists and reserving from our local library.

Only a week and a half until our girl comes home from College!! Counting down the days:) And our boy will be home just in time for Christmas:) And… this year they will be staying for months, having time to bond with the baby.  So very, very excited!!!!

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    • Erin

      I didn't panic(much) at the time but when I realised how many docs I had for various events I organise!!
      I am excited, just got to get past labour, which is prob why I'm procrastinating but when I realised today only 3.5 wks, yikes I've got to get moving.
      Well I realised I have written preparation posts here in the past so I just need to read them, and I have children old enough to 'run the show' if need be.

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