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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 176)

Christmas preparations are all complete:) I’m just relaxing, waiting for Christmas…No, not true, I’m impatiently waiting for our baby to arrive.  I’m not even due until Wednesday next week but still every morning I’m surprised to find myself still in my bed.  Crazy sounding my saner self knows.

It’s not like I don’t have projects I could be doing, I could be cutting out nappy liners, or sewing summer nighties for the girls, they’re on my to do list and yet… I can’t settle to anything, I’m just waiting.

We did complete all our next building project decisions.  The plumber was here yesterday, holes are drilled.  Tiles, showers and bathroom hardware are ordered.  PC and Co are all set to begin tiling over the Christmas holidays.

Thanks to Mary I’ve discovered the most inspirational singer with an incredible voice, Friar Alessandaro.  I’ve spent hours listening to him sing on youtube.  Watching his face light up with joy, I just know he has seen God!!!!

Do you do Christmas cards? Every year I have good intentions of sending but it rarely happens, though we do love receiving them.   We have managed for several years though to do a Christmas newsletter, and since the advent of email we’ve found it even easier to actually ‘post’.

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed to win, yes win, a book giveaway from my dear friend Laura.  I won her book Finding Grace:)!!!! I’m resisting immediately diving in and reading the book, instead I’ve packed the book into my bag to read during my hospital stay.

Anna Maria and Einstein absolutely enjoyed loved attending the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Melbourne last week.  They came home enthused and bubbling over, sharing all about the events they listened to and the music they heard.  To be part of a group of 3,000 young Catholics from all over Australia was totally inspiring.

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