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“Most” Posts of 2013

Joining in with a link up over at Sarah’s, sharing our “most’ posts in the following five categories, Sarah does indeed like to issue challenges.

  • Post with the most clicks

Top clicks goes to Mega List of Lent/Easter books with 1931 clicks!!  Not sure where all these clicks are coming from, pinterest, spam..?? This totally amazes me and for any book lovers I have more book reviews listed at the top tab under Book Lists or head over to My Book Site.


  • Post with the most comments

The Challenges of Blogging and Changes Within Blogosphere totally blew me away with 42 and 33 comments respectively.  Admittedly half of those comments are my responses but even then they far exceeded my average comments.   Obviously talking about blogging is near and dear to bloggers:)

  • Post with the best picture 

Over the past six months I occasionally joined in with a weekly photo link up sharing shots snapped of our children. Lots of favourites to pick from there but my favourite post is the First Holy Communion and Confirmation Day of three of our children


  • Post that was the hardest to write

Sometimes posts write themselves and sometimes you agonise and labour over a piece and it still doesn’t read how you want.  Writing about Overcoming Social Awkwardness was such a post, due to the potential controversy of this subject I wanted it ‘just right’ yet it ended up stilted and ‘preachy’, one day I plan to re-write this post in conversational tone.

  • Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers’ favorite- your favorite)

Only one? Too hard, so I’ve changed the rules to two;) I love Dear Older Sibs because I can now see the humour in situations at 5am, it marked a milestone of parenting maturity and I shared a good laugh with my College kids so far from home.  Then again I also love Verandah with a View because our family pulled together and made this happen so quickly and I love the photo of all the children working alongside one another. Am I allowed to admit I’m proud of my family working together on building our home?

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  • Pam Barnhill

    I have to say that some of my favorite posts are the ones you write about your home remodel. It just blows me away that you guys are doing all of that work on your own and I love to see the progress.

  • Cassie Williams

    I missed some of these the first time. All wonderful picks! Of course, I have no idea what
    "Sarking, battens and then the iron were next on the list" means but it looks like it has to do with the roof. My boys enjoy post like that because they like to see what it is like to live in Australia!

  • Rosie

    I can see why so many clicked on the first! I'm absolutely pinning that post so I can revisit it in February and check those books out – it's always nice to have a compilation of good titles for various seasons, particularly from like-minded folks 🙂

  • Erin

    Thank you dear friends for all your words of encouragement:) It means alot, and welcome to my new readers.

    Cassie, sarking is an insulating 'sheet', battens are timber and iron is the roof sheeting. Wondering what you call it in america?

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