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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 177)

We’re so thrilled our baby arrived in time for Christmas:) We are simply enjoying doting on our girl, still rather in shock to have been blessed with a girl after nine years and three boys.

The children are all totally besotted with her, she only needs to emit a small cry and all are eager to run and nurse her.  She is completely loved by all.

Our younger girls, 12 & 9 had all baby girls clothes unpacked and washed by the time I came home from hospital, which was only a day and a half later.  They are completely excited to finally have a sister.

Christmas was rather a relaxed affair this year, though there was an hour or two of intensity for PC when all of the younger children were searching for batteries and needing toys assembled.  Our older children (and PC) did us proud and took over all the food shopping, preparations, baking and presenting.

PC totally, totally shocked my with an unexpected Christmas gift.  A Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!!!!!!!! Did you catch that!!!!!!  Mine is red and beautiful, I am completely astounded and ‘gob-smacked’ with my gift.

Whilst I’ve been forcing myself to take it easy, I’m energized and ‘ready to go’, my mind is already planning and plotting projects.  Don’t worry I’m being sensible and taking care of myself but… just preparing;)
Today was the big day that all ‘end of pregnancy’ mamas look forward too.  The day when you pack away your maternity clothes and unpack your normal clothes, hoping desperately for a few elastic waisted outfits amongst them.  Project no 1 is to ruthlessly cull the entire house.  I began with my clothes… 3 garbage bags.. gone:)  Then I moved onto PC’s clothes, I must admit culling his clothes is not a favourite pastime of PC’s;) but he graciously co-operated and..1 more garbage bag…gone:) I really appreciated his good natured co-operation.

Plan B of Project 1 to be enacted tomorrow.  Ruthless cull of all children’s bedrooms, most of the children are capable of undertaking this job themselves, they will just need my ‘moral support’ and encouragement;)  I’m hoping they will be as gracious as PC about this plan, but somehow I’m not confident they will.

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