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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 18)

PC has just received his results for his latest CPA exam. I am so proud of him, he earned a high distinction! Considering all the commitments he has, not to mention raising eight children, I think this a very impressive result.

Whilst I was flying South, PC was attending a work related Conference. A Conference in which he won free accommodation and entry to by being a finalist in a writing competition. And he won!! A beautiful trophy titled New South Wales Local Government Finance Professionals Award. And he is invited back next year to hand over the trophy.

I’ve been reading lots of Reggio posts and blogs, and pondering and discussing. Is this really so different to what we already do? How I would love to read some of these books. As I assimilate I’ll share some thoughts.

Our 4Rs approach is working reasonably well. Carpenter and Koala have impressed and heartened us with the writing that they have produced this week. I finally feel we are finding a good balance between needed skills and meaningful work; but then they are not separate entities are they?

Jem Update: He has a tooth! No crying, no grizzling, no sleepless nights; it just appeared one day:)

Tomorrow our Bishop is saying Latin Mass for us in our local parish Church. It has been so long since our boys have served they’ve had to brush up on the responses. We do indeed miss Father C. and the opportunities we had last winter.

Yesterday PC and I bought all the presents for our upcoming ‘Birthday Week’. This is such a relief, and I’m really happy with our finds too. At the front of Target was a lovely wooden workbench we snapped up for Jack Jack; it was on such a good special PC suggested I ring a friend and offer to pick up one for her birthday boy too, which we did. Presents for three children; check. Party food for three children; check. Invitations for two parties sent; check.

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  • Sarah

    You know, I think you're right- Reggio is very similar to what many of us naturally do as homeschoolers. It justs puts a fancy name and a *meaning* behind it. It feels a bit less free-for-all when we consider it in light of the philosophy.:) The whole project-based idea reminds me an awful lot of Charlotte Mason's masterly inactivity. Anyway, I look forward to reading your thoughts!

  • Shelley

    Hello, here for the first time from 7 Quick Takes Mr. Linky. Thought I would stop by and read your quick takes. I'm heading to Australia (Melbourne) for two months to do my teaching internship. I leave July 6, and I'm quite excited!

  • Erin


    I so 'get' what you mean by what we do changes "in light of the philosophy."
    I know people who do project based learning but the difference with Reggio is it is child directed not parent directed. It is a trust factor, letting go of control. Ah now I've started the brain going;)

    Thanks for dropping in. I do hope you enjoy Melbourne. Very cold there this time of the year.

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