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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 182)

Last week I realised I had been rather remiss as a parent, Bella was already 5 weeks old and I had neglected to fill in a form that will assure her of future success.  All is fine now, has been taken care of, last week Bella was issued with a library card.

The children have done the maths, as each card holder is entitled to borrow 30 books, our household could borrow 360 books at one time!

Our new branch library has still not opened.  First opening was scheduled for January, then February and now March.  The building is looking excellent, I’ve taken a peek at the new furniture whilst driving past, perhaps not the best idea to rubber neck whilst driving  as I nearly rear ended a car the other day whilst checking.

Despite starting out with high hopes for MEP maths, we have discovered it isn’t a good fit for us.  It is an excellent program and we were impressed with the skill level, however it was not an easy program to use when juggling various grade levels, it didn’t lend itself easily to independence, I continually had all the children needing assistance. This week we switched maths programs, going back to maths online, a program we used a couple of years ago.  The children are thriving, once again they are independent and not being held back by logistics, they are learning well and maths is now considered fun.

We have also changed tracks regards history.  We were using A Child’s History of the World for the past 6 months with our 9 & 7 year old but I was bored, after a discussion with the children I discovered they were too.  So we’re joining Princess (12) in using RC History, a program we’ve used in the past and it’s wonderful to be using it again.  Now our 9, 7 & 5 year olds are loving history.

It appears I might be allergic to wine, throughout the pregnancy I was looking forward to being able to enjoy a glass or two and now I discover I turn blotchy, red and itchy after one glass. It starts at the forehead, I become flushed and then covered in a hive type rash, then I begin to rub and itch.

I’ve been struggling to write here lately.  I’m mostly managing linky posts: 7 Quick Takes, 52 Portraits a Week,  Book Reviews, yet post after post of the same old is likely to send you all to sleep and it stultifies creativity on my part. I long to write something thought provoking, dazzling, brilliant, let’s be honest I just long to have time to gather my thoughts, but alas the children aren’t leaving me margin to do so, let alone put thoughts to ‘paper’.  Let’s fantasise though that I find a moment, what would you like me to ‘talk about’?  What are the types of posts that appeal to you?

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  • Beth

    You might be sensitive to the sulphites in the wine. I developed the same reaction post partum. Supposedly the organic wines don't have any. I moved on to the hard stuff instead.

  • Sharyn

    Well, no more wine for you I'd say. My mind is a bit slow today, I'm just registering the itchy skin part of what you said. Amine intolerance is also known as Histamine intolerance. In other words an itchy reaction. My mouth itches if I eat certain foods that are high in amines. A full body reaction you need to speak to your Doctor about.

    You might find googling 'amines list' interesting. It wasn't until I looked it up that I realised that my 'itchy foods' had a connection to each other.

  • Renee Wilson

    360 books! You will need a trailer to bring all of those home πŸ˜‰ That's no good about the wine. You might just have to keep taste testing a few until you find one that doesn't react with you πŸ˜‰

  • Bron Maxabella

    There are certain enzymes in some red wines that turn me into a blotchy mess. I avoid red for that reason. White is okay for me.

    I can't believe you let Bella get to FIVE WEEKS without a library card. Neglect!

    I have trouble keeping track of 10 library books a week… imagine how lost 360 could get!!!!



  • Cassie Williams

    Lucky Bella! Our library requires you to be 5 years old before they issue you a library card!

    I've stopped drinking wine for the same reason. I do have some slight food allergies. I usually only react to them in the spring season when I'm allergies are severe. I think the sugar content plays a role too. I notice it in wines with a higher sugar content. It's just easier to avoid wine all together. : (

    RC History has been on my mind. Not next year as we would be in the 4th level and that is in beta and I find it confusing. I see us picking it up with ancients the following year. But, I don't really understand what the program is all about. Is it just book suggestions? It looks like it has an outline for each unit with books and pages suggested to read. Is that correct?

  • Ingi Mc

    Allergic to wine???? Tell me it isn't so! How tragic!!! Our local bottleshop has a range of organic wines that don't have preservatives – I'd hunt them out (but I bet they won't be as cheap as sweet lips).

    Give yourself a break in the creativity stakes – you've got a 5 week old baby! Hey – there you go! Photo heavy, brand new baby posts – the good, the bad, the ugly?

  • Olivia

    haha…me too, but I've found a solution b/c giving up the wine isn't one.
    "Pure wine" is sold by Dan Murphys, it's a tiny little bottle and one drop per wine glass counteracts the preservatives in wine. It's brilliant. Otherwise just buy 'preservative free wine'

  • Erin

    Haven;t noted – post later for RC History

    I must say I never have taken out 360 books at a time though. Had a trailer load of books to give away once though, pulled up to where a bunch of friends were and they mobbed the trailer and had a ball:)

    why only 10 books a week? a bit harsh don't you think;-)

    Really! 5 years!
    RC is book suggestions and research suggestions and prompts.

    already falling down with the photos:( oh well another day another dollar

    you are brilliant!

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