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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 183)

Last week you all were as horrified as I that I’m having an allergic reaction to wine.  If my comment box is any indication this is considered a catastrophe indeed;)  Thanks to Olivia we have a solution,
‘aha…me too, but I’ve found a solution b/c giving up the wine isn’t one.
“Pure wine” is sold by Dan Murphys, it’s a tiny little bottle and one drop per wine glass counteracts the preservatives in wine. It’s brilliant. Otherwise just buy ‘preservative free wine’Thanks Olivia, my darling PC researched, purchased and surprised me with a Pure Wine bottle tonight. Trialed already, all for research purposes of course, anything for my readers;)  It worked, a whole glass and no reaction!!!!!:):):)

Always on the search for book recommendations my eyes lit up when Willa recommended Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.  Married to an introvert, having some children who are introverts and being a borderline introvert myself I was intrigued.  I began the book with interest only to lose it to PC, he has been reading it avidly and excitedly sharing all with me.  It has really helped him to further understand himself and his children and appreciate the way they are wired. Looking forward to when he is finished so I can dig deep myself.

Tomorrow I’m going to be brave, or perhaps mad, I’ve agreed to let PC cut my hair, in layers.  I’ve been cutting his hair for years, I suppose it’s only fair I trust him in return.  Looking at the silver lining if all goes wrong he’s the one who has to look at me more than I do.

We’ve held our poetry recitation night for the past two weeks and it has been a huge success.  The children diligently practice learning a poem each every week.  The younger ones take only a few minutes to practice daily, the older ones take longer as they are learning very long poems.  Then mid week they recite in front of the family, they love it and we’re very impressed with their abilities.  Thus far we’ve heard a range including When Daddy Fell into the Pond, The Ning Nang Nong,  Sir Nicketty Nox, My Country, The Man from Ironbark and Andy’s Gone with the Cattle.

As part of our studies about Earthquakes, today we watched Children of the Tsunami. In 2011 Japan was hit by the biggest tsunami in 1000 years, the nuclear plants of Japan spread radioactive material over this area.  This youtube told the story of these people from the eyes of the children.  They lost their friends, their families, their homes, their communities, their freedom to be children. Oh how I cried.  How quick we often are to forget the devastation of lives once out of the media’s limelight.  Praying tonight for these families and for the families here in our own nation who have been devastated in recent years by natural disasters.

Considering creating a blog button, a button that can link back to my blog.  Problem is first of all I have to decide what sort of image says ‘my blog’.  Has to be fairly simple with clear lines, just not too sure what says me.

Bella has interesting toes, I thought it was all genetic, you know her Daddy has the same toes as do some of her siblings.  Discussing this with PC tonight he tells me that apparently your toe length denotes ancestry.  Well fancy that, looks like I have to study all toes here in greater detail.

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  • Amy

    I loved Quiet – listened to it on audiobook. It was very meaty! I want everyone who knows me to read it, LOL, so they can stop saying I'm too quiet or sensitive. 🙂

    Good luck with the haircut! My dh does the straight cut on the bottom, but I don't trust him to put in my layers. Will you share a picture?

  • Rhonda Ortiz

    Stopping by via 7QTs…

    I just found out I'm allergic to grapes/wine, too! It makes me sad. Very, very sad. [insert pouty face here]

    But it's good to figure it out, right? Before the good, sweet red vino kills us.

  • Sharyn

    Glad there was an easy solution to your wine problem. And there's me suggesting you not drink any more. I was having visions of anaphylactic reactions you see. We have various allergies in my house. With that, plus all the other war wounds we have been having recently I must look into doing a first aid course.

    Re 2. I will have to take a look at that book. I was talking on this with a friend the other day.
    If everyone must be an extrovert, who will tend the lighthouse? I wonder if what seems to be the increased pressure these days to be an extrovert is connected to the decline of Christian culture?

    Re 3. Shall be looking forward to some pics 😉 Have you thought of looking at YouTube tutorials?

  • Olivia

    haha…well, I'm glad helped solve your problem! A problem shared is a problem halved!
    As for that book, I'd love to read it. The other great "personality" book is '5 love languages'. This is my favourite to date, it explained A LOT !
    Liv xx

  • Erin

    So many of you have already heard of quiet!
    and I love 5 love languages, explained alot to me too.
    all the wine sympathy, lovely:)
    Still madly struggling with a button image.

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