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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 194)

When I shared that I alternately melted and teared over our children’s photos on my blog whilst away, Mel commented “my husband often tells me he sneaks a peek at my blog to look at the photos of our family during the day :-).”  I smiled in recognition with Mel’s comment as my PC does the same, in fact his work blocks certain sites so he had to gain special permission to change the settings, just for him, so he can look at my blog!

I’ve been reading and processing copious amounts of info this week about food, specifically nutrient dense food. What we should be eating and what we shouldn’t be.  Also thinking lots about a gluten free lifestyle, I’ve long suspected I’m gluten sensitive, to eliminate gluten from our diet would only involve a little tweaking, shouldn’t be too hard.  Easier really than our grain free years.

I’m considering whether I should ‘take up’ gardening, again.  My previous attempts to garden have had rather dismal results, but really if I put my mind to it, how hard can it be?  If I can just remember to water the plants (that’s where I always fail) then I should be set, yes?

Come September and October we have Weddings to attend, my brother’s and our nephew’s:) Dress code for both is formal. The challenge is, I’ll still be breast feeding then, what style of formal dress can I wear that I can easily feed in? Suggestions please?

Along with many others I’ve just read, Something Other Than God by Jennifer .  Loved it, full review forthcoming.  I’ve also just purchased The Little Oratory and am beginning it this weekend, have heard rave reviews of it too.  First though I have to cover it, can’t read a book unless it’s covered;)

Jen’s series on Charlotte Mason Teaching is so incredible, very ‘meaty’, so much to reflect and ponder upon, I’m planning on printing and highlighting.  Sarah’s ebook Teaching from Rest is also in my growing pile of books to read, it looks so promising, I always love anything Sarah has to say too. First though I need to finish The Smartest Kids in the World.

Does anyone else have multiple ‘to do’ lists?  Mine include lists for the building work, for housework, educational ideas, electronic related, home arts, etc etc  The act of placing the myriad of ideas in my head down on paper releases my mind from going around and around, so much tidier

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  • Melissa

    "The smartest kids in the world" book was fascinating! I'm an Australian teacher, so I'm always eager to read books that will help me improve my teaching. I also recommend "How children succeed" by Paul Tough. A great companion book that has a little more "meat" to it and really gets down to the nitty gritty of what helps and prevents children from learning. Enjoy the book!

  • Multi-tasking Mama

    Am also looking into nutrient dense foods at the moment. Attended a great talk recently on the subject so all keen. Kids are not so keen on trying the fermented foods though … me neither but don't tell, haha

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