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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 199)

Well I did it, I deactivated my facebook account (yes again) Facebook is so not me, not really sure why cause all my fb friends are lovely(all 16 of them, and mostly family) but it was just one too many social media to keep abreast with.

When I went clothes shopping earlier this week I convinced myself the mirrors were unkind, when I weighed myself later in the week I realised the mirrors were reflecting a truth I didn’t want to see.  I am 10kgs (22lbs) overweight.  With two weddings to attend in two months it is time to get serious.

Quite timely my reserved copy of Trim Healthy Mama has arrived. This book has created quite a stir amongst mamas, eliciting strong feelings of yea or nay, I had decided to take a close look as a friend and her daughter are ‘on plan’ and enjoying great results. Already it has prompted lots of research on my behalf, I’m really not comfortable with Stevia, thinking I will substitute with honey. Actually PC and I have already had lots of discussion regards the book, I need to read further and come back and share thoughts.  

I seem to be on a food theme as I’m also currently reading Food Inc and have Nourishing Traditions and In Defence of Food on my to read pile. Einstein(17) suggests perhaps it’s not such a great idea to read books about food when I’m trying to lose weight, I understand his point entirely, I feel so hungry;)
(My friend Angela has inspired me to read these titles, she’s often chatting about food books)

I discovered a couple of great editing tricks in picmonkey this week.  All the pictures taken of the Ordination showed up distinctly yellow, many of the chasubles were gold coloured hence our camera reading them as yellow vestments. I tried to play with the colour shading but it wasn’t quite right, then I discovered black and white looked good.  I also discovered you can rotate those uneven snaps so they are even:)

When the clutch on our van went this week, it died in the most fortuitous place, right across the road from NRMA, road assistance only 30 metres away! However the tow truck couldn’t drive straight across a major road but had to drive down to the roundabout and back up. So we’ve been vanless for three days, pleased to pick our van up tonight.

After reading Chareen’s review of the online photography class she undertook at Please Don’t Say Cheese I was keen to participate.  Imagine my excitement when I was accepted to take part, I begin next week, hopefully I’ll finally learn how to do some of those ‘tricks’ I’ve long wanted to know.

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  • Olivia

    I'm exactly the same. 10kgs over….arhhhhh……definitely the mirrors!
    My bother gets married in Oct, so i'm on the hunt for a quick shed diet too.

  • Erin

    Let's support one another!{} I have till mid September till the first wedding, early October till the second.
    I've stopped all sugars, most grains and white potatoes (the last will be the hardest). I'm getting through it by telling myself it is only for 2 months, once I shed then I'll reassess.
    Are you in?
    Finding a gorgeous dress that I can breastfeed in will be a challenge too, but first the weight.

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    I only have 2 weeks to the wedding we are attending. My medicine changes halted my exercise plan. Bummer!

    I'm interested in hearing about the THM. I don't have the book, but what I read I can only see me taking a few ideas but never following it. Stevia already lost me.

    Interesting about FB. I'm still working on my blog, and planning on joining FB afterwards..but I hesitate and am just in no rush.

  • Erin

    Have you bought your dress? Yes taking some ideas, which is where I am at. Really can't see you enjoying fb, it's certainly not like the forum. I miss that ability to be able to colour what you want to quote. not designed for deep thoughts.

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