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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 202)

What is your book preference, paperback or hardback? I prefer hardback believing them to have a longer life expectancy, but our children prefer paperback as they are lighter to hold.

For several weeks I’ve been a little frustrated regards lessons, feeling that we weren’t achieving a great deal.  Which was odd as we were completing the majority of lessons planned, what we were skipping as I believed we didn’t have time and energy for was our ‘gathering time/morning time’.  Yet it is this very gathering time where we enjoy poetry, literature, and faith together that nurtures our souls. Reading is so much an integral part of who I am and of our family culture that we can’t afford to skip.

Had a funny moment driving home today whilst discussing with the children our logistics for a very complicated weekend. One detail is a little grocery shopping, I was ranting saying ” I want to do the shopping in the morning, I hate shopping, I want to get it over with, I hate shopping more than root canal therapy, I…” I was ‘in the groove’ revving up my drama moment when Princess (12) exclaimed, “Mum” “Calm” “Down”. The voice tone was so..sensible, so unexpected..I laughed and laughed for the next 5 minutes as I drove along, strangely nobody else was laughing… obviously it wasn’t just a ‘had to be there moment’ it was a ‘had to be there and had to be mother’ moment.

Last week Theresa asked me for further information regards All About Spelling, then in her Curriculum post she begged me to convince her that All About Spelling is the program for her;) I was considering this morning whilst teaching a spelling lesson to our 10 & 8 year olds that videoing a session might be a great way to demonstrate to Theresa that it isn’t that complicated. Anyone else interested?

We are gearing up for our annual homeschool sports day next week, this year we have 87 children participating!  Always a fantastic day with the children enjoying track and field events, some children travel from as far as 2 hours away. We’ve been running our sports carnival for 17 years now, so the last few weeks the phone has been busy whilst we organise details.

I was surprised and delighted to receive a notification from Book Depository stating I have commission money available through the affiliate program.  Love to thank my readers who have purchased books through my links, I am ecstatic, I really didn’t expect this, now I shall agonise and agonise over what to buy.

PC would have to win the award for the most tenacious. Our pump broke down last week, after hours and hours of persistent sleuthing and work he fixed it. Only then to have a different problem arise which has involved plenty more innovative, ‘outside the box’ thinking.  Finally it is working, as I said, tenacious.

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  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    I'd love an AAS video demonstration! In fact, your suggestion has got me thinking up my next big homeschooling plan utilizing modern technology: YOU teach my kids spelling!! No matter about the time difference, they'd be thrilled to stay up into the middle of the night even if it was for spelling instruction 🙂
    Ok, seriously, I'd love a video to see a bit of the lessons in action, but I think you've already convinced me. I can stomach the price b/c if the program works I'll hopefully end up using it for all the kids. And it was also encouraging for me to hear that you don't use all the "extras" all the time – the cards, tiles, etc… It seems like you can tailor it to how your child learns and skip the rest if it doesn't seem to be helpful/necessary. Is that about right?
    Thanks so much for helping me with this, Erin! (Another reasons to love the internet and friends made via the web!)

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    As you know I prefer hardcover, but I also asked my son and he had the same preference. He says hard stays open when you read, whereas paper you have to hold open which is harder on the hands. I have to agree with that.

    I like your reflections on #2.

    That's so great about Book depository!!!

    And what a great husband!!!!

  • The Provincial Homemaker

    I use the book depository a lot – as they do free shipping to Australia (Amazon is expensive for us). I have never had a problem. When a book is damaged en-route they have always been willing to replace it. Enjoy spending your credits.

    Just wondered if you had had any issues with AAS and the differences between Australian and American English?

  • Erin

    Have made video for you, just need to cut and splice:)

    Very reputable, my college kids buy their textbooks from there. another excellent site is Book Depository, even better!

    Interesting point your son makes. Still haven't spent my money.

    I can't even get Amazon to deliver to me!:( Oh well LOVE Bk Depository. Good question, yes a little but I just use the Australian spelling, also a few pronunciations are different so I add our sounds. Should do another post to explain in more detail. Only a little issue, only occasionally comes up.

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