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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 204)

Jem’s (5) funny of the week: “Superman has two weaknesses, Kryptonite and Good Looking Girls” Um yeah…

One of the benefits of educating your children is furthering your own education along with them. Currently the younger four children and I are reading Our Island Story and for my own recreational reading I’ve been enjoying a few of the Brother Cadfael mysteries. This week I realised our history reading was background to my lighter reading, Brother Cadfael’s Penance is set in England 1145 during the Civil War between King Stephen and Empress Maud. I became engrossed in the Civil War and wanted to know the outcome, I only needed to skip forward in our History book to know ‘who won’.

Working my way solidly through my ‘to do’ list for the two upcoming Weddings we are all attending. This week I finalised ordering dresses (after hours of study on ebay) for all the ladies of the house, three dresses have arrived so far and oo la la. Though it has been declared Bella looks like a cupcake;) I have borrowed suits for the three youngest boys, and they look goood:) Only ones to take care of now are PC and two of the older boys, the boys are a little trickier, they have a man’s length but a boy’s slenderness. Oh yes there is still shoes, cardigans, jewellery, hair and makeup to consider for the girls but that’s for another day.

I was finally successful in baking sourdough bread:) However Bella, Bass(3) and I were the only ones who liked it (all the more for me;).  Most excitedly I didn’t have any negative reactions, no cramping at all. Normally we never give our babies grains under 12 months, but considering it was fermented I thought it would be save enough to give Bella (8 months) a taste.  She went absolutely crazy over the sourdough, she ended up having far more than at taste! Needing to do some research to see if fermented grains are okay to give to babies, have you read anything?

Honing my skills as a writer is something I’m always striving to do, listening to and implementing advice is one way to improve.  I was so pleased when a loved family member said to me this week, “Your writing has improved, you no longer use, ‘very’ and ‘much'” True I don’t, constructive criticism is helpful.  Another loved family member encourages me to stretch my skills by confessing sometimes my 7 Quick Takes are “pedestrian” the weeks I earn higher praise I’m ecstatic. (I acknowledge freely that sometimes they are pedestrian)

Theresa’s series on Preschool focuses on the joy and wonder of small children as they discover the world around them.  She encourages us to see and enjoy the world from the viewpoint of our little people.  As I read Theresa’s series I kept thinking how once upon a time, only a few decades ago, children didn’t ‘do preschool’ instead they played and explored and baked and talked and listened to a few stories. In short they just enjoyed being small children, a precious time that can never be recaptured again.

Thinking it might be time to reinstate Handwriting Boot Camp, I might hold ‘camp’ in a few weeks time, the last week or two of Term.  Have you ever had older children struggle with handwriting? Any stories, tips to share?

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  • RAnn

    I hated handwriting when I was in school; still write terribly and have never chosen that to be the fight to win with my kids–though I don't homeschool.

  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    Wow! Thanks for including me as one of your Takes! I actually loved writing those lists out for myself b/c it helped me to see how many wholesome and educational things we actually do outside of "school time" 🙂
    I'm trying to take your family member's observation to heart and will challenge myself to avoid "much" and "very!"
    I always enjoy your Quick Takes. Far from pedestrian, I find they fall into the "slice of life" category. Your readers always know you a little better after reading them 🙂
    Finally, I still haven't seen the spelling video come through my email. I was hoping to email you directly so you'd have my address, but I can't seem to find your address on here. I'm probably looking in the wrong spot, so if you can point me in the eight direction hopefully we can be in touch! Thanks, Erin!

  • Erin

    I can't work out why some pick it up easier than others.

    Loved your lists the best I've seen!
    Catch myself trying to write very often. Soo kind of you, though sometimes I know they are pedestrian. Still haven't forgotten the video, hoping to do it this week finally.

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