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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 209)

As Jelly Bean is finally keen on reading:):) a lot of time this week was devoted to researching book lists for early chapter books, then searching our library’s online catalogue.   It appears that books for this age is firmly divided into boy and girl titles, as several book reviewers have commented this is only a new phenomena, certainly in the 70s we all (boys and girls) read the same books.

Joined our local ‘give away’ group on facebook this week and was totally astounded at how fast the school cupboards I was offering went.  They were ‘taken’ within 30 minutes! It’s a totally fascinating group, many contributors are very keen to not contribute to the landfill and everything is recycled, fan blades, tin cans, plastic bags, beds, lounges etc etc  These folks are taking being green seriously.

Our teens are home and we’ve noticed a huge difference in our internet speed.  I was spoilt for those eleven days whilst they were away with faster page loadings, it’s an adjustment going back to slow responses, a lesson in patience.

Made my first beef broth this week, two batches in fact.  I’m pretty excited and keen to begin to learn more about fermenting and it’s uses.  It’s been awhile since I made my first sourdough bread, planning on getting back into sourdough baking too.

Theresa shared emotions and reactions that resonated with me,
“Right around the kids’ bedtime I got it into my head that I have to organise my recipe box right now….it was organise that box or check myself into a mental institute…. “I’m organising my recipe box because it’s the only thing I have control over in my life!!”
I get this! I really do.  Sometimes living with children I feel out of control, children’s misbehaviour escalates and our emotions can escalate too!  This morning several children all wanted me at the same time, all, well most, had valid and important, immediate needs too, but I sure felt out of control trying to juggle all those needs at the same time.

Actually my emotions have been chaotic today and a teen child’s has too.  I’m thinking the sugar and additives we consumed yesterday at our town’s festival are the culprit, I had headaches last night and this morning.  Sadly I wasn’t a gracious mummy last night, nor today either, time to focus on our food choices again.

Whilst in town at the festivities yesterday I popped into our newly opened Spotlight.  It has been a long time since I’ve perused fabric rolls and I was frankly shocked at the cost of material. It is cheaper to buy clothes already made than to sew your own.  The other option which I’ve dabbled a little is to upcycle clothes from the op-shop, enthused with the creativity this can offer.

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  • Angel

    I'm trying to get back into making broth again, too. I've decided I have to have a list of staples to make on the weekend, of things we will always use: broth, yogurt, soaked flour crackers, hard-boiled eggs, beans. Figuring out how to make good GF sourdough is high on my list, but I haven't started experimenting with it yet.

  • Jessica Snell

    I agree it's usually cheaper to buy clothes than make your own . . . but I'm still going to knit myself sweaters, just because I enjoy it so much! (And because I can make them fit me *perfectly* – such a luxury!)

  • Theresa @ OrdinaryLovely

    ha! So happy my recipe box triumph resonated with you 🙂

    I too bemoan the fact that it usually is cheaper to buy clothes than to make them these days. It seems like moms used to make clothes to be thrifty, now I only make clothes for special occasions. I actually prefer making things for my kids that are NOT clothes, because they'll probably last longer – kids grow so quickly, the dress I spend many hours painstakingly sewing will only fit for a few months 🙁 Kind of not worth it, unfortunately.

    Happy All Saints Day, Erin!

  • Erin

    What a great idea to cook up your staples on the weekend. I've recently made a sourdough rye but then that's not gf is it?:(

    Envious you can knit, sadly a skill I don't have

    That's a good way of looking at my making time!

    I am back on, just limiting me;) sounds good will check it out

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