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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 28)

We (PC and I) have finally ironed out the kinks in our house building plans, (aka we fought a battle, one was victorious;-). So on the schedule is to get the plans to council this week!

For my sister and friend a quick google calendar tutorial in importing a liturgical calendar.
Obviously you need a google account. From personal settings choose calendar, then head over to Universalis, just follow the instructions there. That simple:) Being so visual, I like to print my calendar out. Finally I am celebrating some feast days because I can ‘see’. A little thing can make a big difference. (Just ask if you need more help)

My husband is rather quirky, my children are rather quirky. Their latest toy? A paper shredder! I kid you not, they all take great delight in ‘feeding’ the shredder. I talk re-using a piece of paper, they whip it out of my hands for the shredder.

We’re all having a relaxing holiday; having family visit, reading lots of books, having lots of chats, sleeping late (well the children not I) celebrating a birthday and a name day, having a few sleepovers and parties. I’ve ordered a few new books for lesson return and mapped out some ideas. Generally we are re-charging batteries, enjoying a different pace, life is great!

I’ve been busy garnering links to Home Management Folders for an idea I have brewing. What would life be like without ideas;) My idea has been spurred by this. (Just email if you’d like links, or have some to offer;)

Conversation I had with PC this week still has me giggling, it went like this:
Me: “I’ve decided to take up a new hoby”
He: “Yesss” with a truly pained look on his face. It was so priceless.
Me: “I’ve decided to take up cooking.”
He: “That’s great!” Look on his face is now a mixture of relief and happiness.

Come to think of it just why did he have that look??
So I’m now on the hunt for inspiring, scrumptious and easy to do recipes. Umm, perhaps I have to delete easy from my list?

I am totally on fire with the following article, I just have to share:
What you do need to do is to set up a lifestyle of learning in your household. You need to understand each of your children as individuals, and make decisions about curricula and methods that recognize their differences; their strengths and weaknesses; their learning styles and personalities. You need to learn to set priorities and goals, so you have some idea of where you are going. You need to pause occasionally to evaluate your progress towards those goals. You need to communicate effectively with your husband, so you become true partners in this whole process. You need to learn to shrug off the criticisms of others, even well-meaning relatives. The only opinions that should really count are those of God, your husband, your children, and yourself.
I encourage you to read the article in its entirety, much to ponder.

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