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‘Traveling’ to Australia’s ‘Top End’

This week we ‘traveled’ to the Northern Territory. Unfortunately we were unable borrow the core book, Nardika Learns to Make a Spear by Chris Fry but we used all the extension books:)

Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo – Alison Lester Ernie is a city boy who moves to the Arnhem Land for a year. He flies over the desert for hours, travels over the floodplains, crosses the East Alligator River and arrives in Arnhem Land. He writes back home to his friends telling of the seasons, of the everyday simple amusements, of the cultural life of the children of Arnhem Land. Interesting, informative and flows naturally. Held the attention of my eight, five and three year olds.

My Home in Kakadu – Jane Christophersen Tarrah granddaughter of the author reveals the beauty of life in Kadadu National Park. Tarrah goes out with her family gathering bush tucker, fishing and hunting. Did you know that the Aboriginal people of Northern Territory know six seasons? Whereas most people see only two, the Wet and the Dry. Fascinating book.

Walking through the Seasons in Kakadu by Diane Lucus The illustrations in this book are absolutely stunning. It is rich in information of the seasons, of the flora and fauna, of the wildlife, of the culture of the people who live there today. I would recommend this more for the older child, there was too much information to hold the attention of my five year old.

We then enjoyed painting a landscape scene, following the unit instructions. Well we had to adapt as we didn’t have acrylic paint, but I’m well versed in adapting, if I waited till everything was perfect I’d never achieve anything.

Another great week of ‘travels’:)

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