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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 3)

We have started poetry and catechism memorisation as part of our lessons. Friday night the children will be quizzed on catechism, Tuesday night will be poetry recitation. Tonight the children were quizzed on catechism they then gave us a sneak preview of their poems. I’m very impressed with their results so far, it was so impressive to listen to, I have always thought the idea sounded nice, now I know it going to be a lovely family time.

After muddling along with lessons for a week and a half PC and I finally managed to print out a spreadsheet for the children with their lesson expectations. The children had been asking for this and were very happy to finally have it in hand. I’m afraid we have created ‘list’ children, they enjoy being able to see what is required and to tick off.

We had a lovely smooth 1st week but we have now hit some snags. I have several thoughts on how to deal with the issues. Over the weekend I will be planning more activities for the little ones (any advice, links, are more than appreciated) and I am printing out some reminder rules regards not interrupting when mum is working/talking with/to a sibling. I perceive a need for some set individual time with each child, I am planning a ‘work meeting’ period of ten minutes every morning to answer any queries, to make certain that everyone is clear with what is expected of them. Then I will spend half an hour with my 2nd grader, the children will be encouraged to ask a sibling for help or shelf the topic and work on something else. Then there will be a five minute ‘hand over time’ where I can be asked any questions before I work with my 4th grader. The next three may only need 15 minutes each. Hopefully this relieve the frustrations occurring for all.

This week I viewed the Know, Worship and Love program which our Bishop has brought into in all the schools in our diocese. The first three books P/K – 2 are based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. I was very impressed; it looks very easy to implement and is lovely and gentle. I am now pondering whether to buy this and seeing if I can access the teacher’s manuals. Also do I take a chance and purchase the older grades as I didn’t manage to see them.

I have been using Speed Maths with my child who struggles in this area. He is so thrilled with his results, he is slowly starting to feel that he can do multiplication. He has challenged his siblings to give him sums such as 97 X 98 and beats them in solving the answer before they do. He is baffling them (and driving them mad) because he won’t share the secret:)

Tomorrow is soccer sign-up. Soccer season doesn’t start until April but sign up is now. As PC is Treasurer I guess this is where he’ll be spending the next few weekends.

I am thrilled this week that I have managed to successfully make chocolate and caramel slice! I have always wanted to be able to do this; when I was a child all the ‘farm ladies’ could do this and I didn’t know how, now I do:)
also this weekend I am planning on learning how to knit! I have bought some beautiful colourful wool and I am going to start making Jem some nappy covers. Prince Charming isn’t too thrilled as he feels I am going to be a frustrating student for him. I’ll come back and show you my project when underway.

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  • Debbie

    Oh children who love lists are a wonderful thing. I have three of them (22,21 and 18) and they are all “listers” in one way or another and nobody forgets things. It is a great habit to get them into when they are young.

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