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Ruling out Skippies

Since the beginning of the year I have struggled with staying committed to my weight loss plan. Don’t mistake me, I want to lose weight, I just am not very disciplined. One plan I have implemented and stayed faithful to however is the elimination of processed cereal. I can’t believe what a difference that has made to my energy level, I accomplish so much more and I feel far happier. At first it was hard, I love my cornflakes, but I have stuck with muesli (granola for my USA readers) or juicing. I have also reduced the children’s cereal intake and they also have more energy.

We have slipped in our dietary health greatly in the last few years. Would you believe that in the first nine years of our marriage we were predominately vegan, our oldest never tasted sugar until well after her first birthday, processed cereal was certainly not even on the acceptable page! As the family grew we slipped and then slipped further until we fell off the wagon. (Do we sound like an AA meet?) Actually I can make all the excuses, but truthfully; I got tired of being good, I got bored. Oh blush, blush, am I really going to print this?? I want to be very clear though that the children have still never, ever tasted coke-a-cola, we have one redeeming mark left. Well when you have stopped laughing, it is official, we are slowly climbing back on the wagon just a different wagon. We will be good again, just not so good;)

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  • Purpleflowerpatch

    Good on you, Erin…I know what it’s like to slide off da wagon, sore bottoms ensue. I can vouch for that on a large scale. 😉
    I’m wanting to get back on track with our food choices but this last 6 months have knocked the wind out of my sails and I’m struggling to just put a meal on the table each day. I’m afraid I’ve been lax in what that meal consists of, too.

    Your post inspire me to start with small changes again.

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