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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 32)

I know it has been ages since I have participated in 7 Quick Takes. Life is just so busy at present but in an effort to let you know my brain does contain thoughts other than building, it’s time to jump back in.
As I’ve shared before, my Prince Charming likes my 7 Quick Takes; I suspect its a quicker way for him to know just what random thoughts are drifting through my brain than having to listen to me waffle on.

Advent update – after all my plans, I’m sad to report nothing much is happening:( but I’m trying to be gracefully okay with that, there are seasons to everything. The good news is, I finally dragged my husband to the shops last night and finished dragging my children this morning, so no more shopping! This is one Christmas I am determined to have completed wrapping before Christmas Eve.

We found these frames at an op shop for $2!!
We’re planning on giving them to the children at Christmas. With some play cloths they are easily transformed into ‘cubby walls’ or puppet theaters. Alternatively they could house the dress ups.

Our minds are thinking play kitchens:) these options are very affordable and easy to make. So cute!
We were all prepared to make them when I found these pictures and I just had to have one:)
A morning of garage saleing netted us with this and now I have some modifications to make (for Christmas, yikes.) I’ve spent time this week visiting plumbing shops and the local dump in the quest for parts. As the entertainment unit is in excellent condition we will be having a timber play kitchen.

I’m really happy with our present selection this year. We have scaled way back and the children are receiving one present each, and we’ve actually kept to our budget! Lots of thought has gone into each present and I’m pretty confident all will be winners.
Elizabeth says it better than I. I was heartened to find someone else who had arrived at the same conclusion.

Although… I’m wondering if I have time to make some presents.
I have a lovely list of ideas;
Tool belts
Story Books (Individualized featuring each child)
Voucher Books
Water Totes
Cookie Mixes
Crafty Organisers
Playing Card Pockets
Pocket Hangers (for end of bed)
Ipod Cover or felt cover
Peanut Brittle
Chocolate Drink Mix

Last day of the school year today. If the children went to school Koala would have just sat for her School Certificate. Einstein would have graduated from year six completing his primary education. (highschool starts in year 7 in NSW, Australia)
Princess would have completed Infants (prior to primary) and Jelly Bean would be finished Preschool and off to Kindergarten next year.
Carpenter would have finished year 8 and Michelangelo year 4. Just thinking.

Judy honoured me with an interview and patiently waited, it’s now published. Tough assignment.

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