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I’m 100% Roman Catholic!

HT: To KAlexa at Life in the Little Nest; I thought it would be fun to see what my
Theological Worldview
was. [I did kind of know already;)]

If you think you might give it a try I can guarantee it has some rather tough questions. I had to really think and I had to google for more information on some questions to know just where I stood. [Now I have to google to understand what Neo Orthodox etc are]

You Scored as Roman Catholic

You are Roman Catholic. Church tradition and ecclesiastical authority are hugely important, and the most important part of worship for you is Mass. As the Mother of God, Mary is important in your theology, and as the communion of saints includes the living and the dead, you can also ask the saints to intercede for you.

Roman Catholic 100%

Neo orthodox 82%

Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan 71%

Fundamentalist 64%

Emergent/Postmodern 50%

Modern Liberal 43%

Classical Liberal 43%

Charismatic/Pentecostal 39%

Reformed Evangelical 14%

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