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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 46)

A couple of weeks ago I shared that Koala had applied for a casual librarian assistant position, and asked for prayers. She has been selected for an interview! Thank you for your prayers. Her interview is next Thursday at 12.20pm so if you could spare some more prayers please, we would be most grateful:)

This term PC and I have been working in tandem to facilitate the children’s sporting activities. PC was away for a large part of last week due to work. I truly realised this week what a blessing his help has been. I drop the children off, but this week I had to wait in town till 6pm to pick them up, and getting up at 5am to take our son to swim squad takes real dedication. So glad to have him home;)

Koala, Einstein and Jelly Bean went South with Dad to visit Grandma. Koala drove for several hours of the trip including driving through major roads of Sydney and being stuck in an eight kilometre traffic jam on the Freeway. Well done honey, we are impressed!!

Monday I visited the dentist, I have to admit I am still in pain. Monday evening I visited my friend Margaret, she was rather worried about my pallor, I felt rather cossetted and special as she fussed and looked after me. Thanks Margaret, it was just what I needed at the time.

We have just had my brother Dominic for a week’s visit. He made the children happy building cubbies, and buying rope(for said cubby), torches and SAS handbooks. He is truly an easy guest and a doting uncle. We love you Dom{{}}

Whilst here Uncle Dominic took Carpenter to one of his swim squad sessions. I received a phone call, “Ah Erin, Carpenter has cut himself and we’re not too sure if he needs stitches.” We decided to see if the bleeding stopped, which it did, and it’s mending nicely. It was reassuring to still have another adult here for a crisis.

I think it’s time to tackle a new hobby, to achieve in an area I haven’t before. I’m seriously thinking about taking on gardening. I know ours need some serious work. Yes PC, you heard me correct, will you pick yourself off the floor and stop laughing.

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