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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 5)

Michelangelo was stung several times by paper wasps yesterday. His hand and foot are still very swollen, the skin is tight and itchy. Anti-histamines make him drowsy, unlike Einstein who is still bouncing off the wall hours later. So I now have three boys who react severely to insect stings. Carpenter reacts to jumping ants, Einstein to bees and Michelangelo to paper wasps.

Koala has started ballet and is very keen, she is not letting her age be a deterrent. I have to admit this interest has come totally out of the blue. When she was much younger she enjoyed Irish dancing but we haven’t participated in dance for quite a few years. I suspect an interest with the younger girls as well.

I am totally committed to buying very little shop biscuits for lent. My plan is to bake a couple of times a week, freezing some so that we make it through the week. I have already purchased some tupperware containers and started baking. PC is very happy with the new plan.

Lent starts on Wednesday, I am busy linking links at Faith Filled Days and then I will have my bases covered by the generous blogging families of blogosphere:) Truly amazing ideas, ways to help us really focus on preparing.

Talking about websites, if you haven’t visited Aussie Book Threads lately be sure to take a moment, I have been busy adding book lists. Books are my passion, I admit it.

Lots of solid learning is occurring here, not just the lessons themselves but self-discipline. The children are continuing to do well, completing their work ahead of time and feeling a great sense of achievement. So fast are they achieving this that we are dabbling with some project based learning. We are still concentrating on the basics and a solid core but they have time to follow a topic of their choosing, their choice also as to how they document their learning. They are very excited and have surprised me as to their choices. We brainstormed on the first day as to ways in which we research and ways in which we can document our work. I was very impressed with their ideas and knowledge. More to come on this, oh and if you are looking for loads of inspiration regards just what can be achieved be sure to visit Angela at Three Plus Two.

The children have been busy working on their blogs; the older children are writing novelettes. A whole new learning curve, it amazes me though how quickly children pick up computer knowledge. They are nearly ready to reveal their writing to a wider audience, stay tuned for links.

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