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Encouraging Budding Writers

As I shared Carpenter and Koala have been busy writing novelettes. Carpenter has always been interested in writing although his spelling has not always been easy to follow, recently though he has made great improvement. Writing for an audience is a valuable experience as he not only has to take care with his mechanics but has to be certain that his writing reads well.

For years I have despaired over the lack of writing done by Koala, she has always read prolifically but never wrote. Amazingly as she has started putting pen to paper in the last year we have been astounded at just how well she can write, so if you are a despairing parent there is hope.

The wonder is that all the writing,editing and blogging occurring has flowed down to all the children. Many a night lately I have found siblings of all ages curled up on a bed together writing late into the night. The younger children have quite a number of stories in their books waiting to transfer to blogger, you can keep an eye on the blogroll on my sidebar for updates. Their blogs are a work in progress, not only are they learning writing skills but computer skills too. If you would like to read some posts and take a moment to comment it would thrill the children, writing is great, having an audience is fantastic.

For family members who are unfamiliar with blogs and leaving comments, hit the post a comment button, click on Anonymous and when you have written your comment be sure to sign off with you name in the comment box and then hit publish comment.

You will find the children at the following: Koala-Koala’s Song, Carpenter-Legolas (yes he has changed his name;), Einstein – Aussie Country Boy, Michelangelo – Aussie Bush Boy and Princess- Princess with Brains.

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  • Marilyn


    Abby loved visiting your children’s blogs and reading their writing. She writes a lot too – has 10 notebooks on her bed and stays up late writing. Your kids may like the nanowritmo site – a writing site for kids – I know Abby wrote a novelette for their challenge – I think she has a link to the site on her writing blog.

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