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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 51)

Six weeks ago Koala went for a job interview at our local Tafe library, position was: casual library assistant. She has finally heard back and… she got the job!!
Thank you for your prayers.

As intended I have spent time in our library on a couple of projects. The first was to re-vamp and make more inviting🙂 The second was to re-begin cataloguing our books, I have nearly completed entering/updating all our Australian collection but my bar scanner has died:( So that project is on hold until I order a replacement.

Another task I’ve tackled was to type up a detailed job description for the cleaning of each room. This is in the hope of having a more consistent, thorough cleaning. I’m planning on sharing lists soon.

Michelangelo received a Hogan’s Heroes dvd (Season 6) for his birthday. Many pleasurable hours have been spent watching this.

Carpenter suffers from migraines, a couple of the triggers include tomato soup or baked beans. The culprit is the red colouring that makes the food brighter, under Australian FDA laws the colouring doesn’t have to be named. We have recently discovered that if we buy the Home Brand products, the ‘no name’ labels he is totally fine!

I’ve just discovered a new (for me) Australian author, Kate Greenville. I’m reading The Secret River, the first of a trilogy, set in the 1830s on the Hawkesbury River.
The Hawkesbury is a magnificent, untamed part of Australia, even today. I remember as a teenager traveling the Woy Woy to Sydney train and catching my first glimpse of the Hawkesbury and being totally awed. Anyhow as Australian history is my passion I’m thrilled to find a new author who writes extremely well.

A couple of years ago I formatted all our liturgical year resources into a Word document. The idea was to know what resources we had for any saint, to read on their Feast Days. It became apparent that an Excel spreadsheet would work better than Word.
I recently dumped the Word doc into Excel, but after 5 slow hours of cutting and pasting into the various columns I was certain than had to be a quicker way, I had only completed January!
I called upon my own resident Excel genius (PC) for help. After shaking his head and asking “Why on earth hadn’t I asked him before?” he completed a month in 5 minutes!!!!!!
Today I completed formatting the entire spreadsheet in less than an hour! A job that would have taken 60 hours the way I was going. I told him he was simply amazing, apparently that is what the ladies at work say when he shows them shortcuts, turning a job that takes weeks into a matter of half an hour! They restrain themselves with doing the happy dance up and down on the spot, you can be sure he got kisses from me;) Planning to share the completed spreadsheet this week.

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  • Fe

    Have you tried making your own baked beans? I use a Stephanie Alexander recipe (which I have probably blogged?) and they're _great_ (and really easy). Because we grew up having tinned baked beans for breakfast, I naw make a batch, we eat some for dinner, and I freeze the rest in a muffin tray. Once they're frozen, I remove them and bag them up. That lets me pull out an appropriate number for the number of people eating breakfast, and they're about as quick to prepare as a tin:-)

  • Erin

    We did make baked beans for a while, but I don't think the recipe was the greatest. Love your creativity.

    glad you have such treasured memories. Although I'm sure you miss him daily{{}}

    Thanks for the congrats for Koala:)

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