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My ‘Truth About Mum’ and Planning

Sarah’s recent post, Truth About Mum really resonated with me. She shares so much wisdom and truth; considering Mum’s teaching style is vital for a “Happy Home Educating Mum.”

With our new school term starting back on Monday, I have spent a couple of days this week re-assessing and tweaking our yearly plans. Whilst doing this I have wrestled with myself once again, about planning. Just why do I plan and how much detail do I need? Part of that planning is to take an honest look at my teaching style and be realistic.

Sarah’s thoughts have encouraged me to put ‘pen to paper’ and share my Truth About Mum.

– If I don’t plan it is not likely to happen.

-On the other hand I need to leave room for spontaneity.

-These two needs are in constant opposition.

-My love of ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ was eclipsed by sheer logistics when I had baby number 5.

-I am reasonably organised by nature but not nurture. This means I’ve played ‘catch up’ in skill level for many years of my marriage.

– I am now a list maker. If an item is on my list it has a far better chance of achievement. My children are list makers too and like checklists.

-My creativity is best nurtured by ‘serendipitous’ moments.

-I always wanted to be a ‘crafty mum’, but have now accepted that my creativity takes other paths.

– I haven’t yet ‘hit my stride’ with art and nature, but am still persisting.

-My passion is books. I receive great pleasure sharing that passion with my family. Fortunately they share this love too:)

-We learn best from a literature approach.

-Hand on activities seem like too much work and I have given up assigning tasks. The children simply aren’t interested. Unless they spontaneously think of ideas, then they will really engage.

-I constantly question the purpose of all lesson work. “What will the children learn from this, is it worthwhile, can they learn more than one skill from this?”

-I struggle with the concept of workbooks but am learning that carefully selected texts have their place (for my teens)

-Lesson time works best in the morning, I tire out by afternoon.

– I work best with time blocks and have little ways of ensuring I stick to them. Self-discipline is a constant battle.

-I can plan well, start, but often struggle to the ‘finish line’. I am a role model though, scary thought that.

I’ve wasted time over the years struggling with who I’m not, when I finally made peace with who I am our plans changed to reflect us more truthfully.

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