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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 52)

Our holidays are drawing to a close. I have achieved so much in the last fortnight surprising myself. There is something eminently satisfying in organising and culling.

As shared I have been planning. Taking to heart my own reflection – If I don’t plan it is not likely to happen. I finally admit that I really need to write down the liturgical feasts we are planning to celebrate or once again it will not happen.

This also holds true for plans for my little ones. I keep trying to ‘wing it’ and it is never a success. I know I need to write it down. Angela’s discussion about Planning for Little Ones? had me honestly facing this, but still I procrastinate.

For several years I have been storing my siblings’ collection of books, for their children yet unborn. Next week we head North catching up with my sister and one year old nephew. It is time to open the boxes, I have car space for 3 boxes and have to select from 12!

Remember the extra bookcase no longer needed in the library? I have sold it to my friend Rebecca keeping it in the family;)

Jelly Bean is rather keen on board games at present. We played several games of Othello over the holidays. We are ready to branch out.

Jack Jack has an active imagination and is always making up acting games. He also is clearly a child from a large family, he doesn’t like to be alone, he is used to being one of a mob. He likes to always have a playmate and begs me to stay with him as he goes to sleep. He says in a pitiful voice, “Come with me, I’m all alone.” Today’s story captured his outlook, JJ looked out the window and saw Jelly Bean playing by herself. He noted in a worried voice, “JB is all alone!” and rushed out to console and play with her.

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