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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 59)

PC has a new job!  At the end of November he will be starting as Financial Accountant for a family company.  He finishes up his current job next Friday, then takes a few weeks off to undertake a couple of ventures.  He is rather keen to start:)

Our 4 middle children are taking a break from mid week sports this term, although we have joined Nippers held fortnightly on the weekend.  I mistakenly thought this would relieve me from afternon trips to town.  However our two eldest have kept me on the road daily with their work and sports commitments.

Rain appears to be our constant companion at present, we are into week 2 of rain, or is it 3?
Our clothes dryer has been working constantly, I shudder to imagine the power bill.

A very kind family member organised a lovely bundle of goodies for our new babe, another very sweet family member gave a very generous contribution.  Our new babe will be the proud wearer of Baby Beehind Nappies.  We have a collection of Magic Alls, Minkees, hemp and covers.  So very exciting:)  Thank you:)

Lessons started back this week, the children impressed me with their willingness to work.  The term will be disruptive during PC’s holidays, but I’m determined to still accomplish.

Jack Jack has finally decided he is a big boy, he is so proud of the fact he can buckle his own seat belt, and he is finally dressing himself (mostly).  He still has a way to go but he has begun.

Does anyone know of other CM blogs that discuss highschool besides the ones on the sidebar of my blog?  Or perhaps you know of other CM blogs that I don’t have on my sidebar and really should?  Please share with me.

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