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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 60)

PC actually admitted to enjoying a chicken meal I prepared this week! Oh if you only knew how much he hates chicken; years ago he was served raw chicken and recently he was struck low with food poisoning via a chicken roll (not prepared by I).  Major, major progress to be able to enjoy chicken.

I’ve been cooking on the BBQ frequently lately, not only dinners but also lunch.  It is far quicker to cook fritters or eggs for a family this size on a large hot plate.  Thinking ahead to when we build the new kitchen I’m pondering the benefits of installing a hot plate.  I have seen one in a family kitchen before and can now visualise the benefits.

Term 3 I made a resolution to re-introduce daily read alouds, a favourite part of our learning.  For various reasons we hadn’t been as vigilant and missed our special time.  I’m proud to report we have been reading both Faith and Literature books weekly for the last few months.

One of the greatest gifts from Our Heavenly Father are Guardian Angels. Truthfully I couldn’t raise my children to adulthood without their aid.
I visited the GP this week, the good news is she made not a murmur about this being my 10th pregnancy nor my age, she gets bonus points for that big time.  But I find her so hard to connect with, she checked my fundal  height, asked what referrals I wanted, how I felt, and that was it!
Apparently since my last birth I now have the option of being seen at the hospital by the midwives, sharing care with the obstetrician, I think we will go that way.  I have great faith in the midwives and connect with them easily.

PC finished  his work at Council today! This week has been very busy for him; his colleagues hosted a morning tea and gave him a huge basket of chocolate, he has been taken out for lunch three times, and acknowledges a few moist eyes. I’m so looking forward to having him home for the next four weeks before he begins his new position.  He has lots of plans and projects, so will be rather busy but still it will be a special time.

Remember all that timber we milled?  It is now ready to be finished and laid.  We purchased a timber finisher but after feeding through 10 pieces we could see the blade is blunted too quickly.  I have been ringing mills receiving quotes from them to complete the job, I think we may well be sending it all to town. 

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