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Adapting to the Paleo Lifestyle

The term Paleo diet is really a misnomer as thinking/shopping/cooking Paleo really involves a lifestyle change, I believe the term Paleo Lifestyle to be more appropriate. 

This week involved our monthly shop at the Supermarket.  This necessitated that I finalise my organisation and finish planning for the month including our dinner meals.  As requested I’ve shared  our menu (see below).  Regards $ comparison, this month we come a little under in costs than our ‘regular’ shopping; next month I’ll be more creative and visit a bulk butcher to try to reduce the bill further, I’ll also investigate the cost of getting a beast butchered, ideally I should get moving on starting our own herd shouldn’t I? and then there is it vegie garden still waiting to be planted;)  I’ll also delete a few further items from the Supermarket shop. (I’m sure there must be a cheaper alternative to the dishwasher balls?)

I must admit it is rather an adjustment for PC and I to be buying so much meat, our ex-vegan souls are a little resistant.  We still haven’t totally addressed the issue of Carpenter’s swimming training, apparently his coach has inquired at to what is going on? as his performance is down. I have been advised eggs and leftovers make good breakfasts.

    A few factors I have enjoyed about this lifestyle change is; everyone joins in and helps more with meal preparation, we are also tending to sit down for lunches together and take more care with presentation.

    Not all of the following menu items are Paleo,  as we won’t be making the complete change until a couple of weeks time. So you will see some non- Paleo items such as porridge on Carpenter’s training mornings.  Even when we make the complete switch I’m considering only eliminating porridge and milk from our child with moderate acne’s diet at least until I am more skilled at this.

    Sunday to Saturday
    M Tea/A Teas
    Fruit Platters, Popcorn
    Breakfast: Porridge x 4,  Apple Fruinola x 2, Smoothies

    Vegie Slice, Chicken Wings & Salad, Cold Meat & Salad x2 (Bake Extra Roast) Frittatas, Zucchini Fritters, Stew

    Roast with Baked Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Carrots and Greens,
    Fish & Salad,
    Stir Fry,
    Honey Soy Lemon Chicken, Greens, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Mash,
    Chops/steak & Salad,
    Mince & Vegies

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