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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 63)

We headed to our bigger city to shop this week and we were most satisfied to complete present purchases for six children. Only two more children to buy for. I love to have most Christmas shopping done prior to Advent so I can enjoy the Season.

Whilst there we also bought some new saucepans.  Saucepans for a larger family are hard to source.  We were blessed to find an Arcosteele set that due to missing the frypan and smallest pot (which we didn’t want anyhow) were reduced from $230 down to $80!!

My younger girls would dearly love old-fashioned long Nighties.  However they are impossible to buy, shops are filled with pajamas or short stretch knit nighties.  I’ve been searching the web for ideas and found a few tutorials. Inspired I bought a sweet doona cover from the op-shop and am going to give it a try.  We also dismantled the cot in the guest room and set up a sewing centre, the trouble is Princess is in there sewing up a storm, so I’m waiting in line.

I’ve been ‘hinting’ to my children that Rain Gutters shelves would make a lovely present for Mum.
I can think of lovely places to install these, however if no present is forthcoming (by the head-shaking I’m assuming not) I may just tackle this project in the Christmas holidays:)

I found, with a friend’s help, a new function on my blog dashboard, Stats! I’m sure some of you may be wondering ‘where on earth I have been’, oh well, I’ve found it now, interesting.  I just wish it would show me which posts are generating traffic, not just a which blogs.

I finally planted seedlings in the garden! I headed into Bunnings and found a huge bundle marked down for .50c.  I’ve planted tomatoes, butternut pumpkin, cucumber, capsicum, snow peas, basil and watermelon.  We’ve just had a deluge of rain for the last few days, they are thriving well, but so are the weeds.

A couple of weeks ago most of the children participated in our local annual Fun Run.  Michelangelo, Princess and Jelly Bean practised for a week before hand, Carpenter and Einstein’s practice consisted of the 100km Walk for the Pilgrimage.  Einstein was most disappointed to come down sick at the last minute.  They all participated in the 2km race, I was so proud of Princess for joining in, as running doesn’t come easy for her, Michelangelo ran his heart out, go son!  Jelly Bean(6) took out the 1st Place Medallion for Under 8 Girls, and Carpenter took out the 3rd Place trophy in the overall competition!!

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