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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 65)

Does anyone else find emailing their husbands/children a rather useful way to capture their attention?
Perhaps it is the excitement of receiving mail, perhaps it is because in an effort to communicate well I have to be succinct.  Whatever the reason I find it a useful medium as I remember quick thoughts to share or minor details throughout the day, and a great way to capture the attention of our teens.

All of our children, with the exception of one have been rather independent. Jem at only 2 though,  takes it to ridiculous lengths; he insists on dressing himself, uncliping himself from his carseat (which he can’t manage so we play an elaborate pretend game) he has to exit the van without any help, carry his own plate, pour his own food and milk, get his own water,  peel his own banana, etc.  He also must help with everything; setting the table, carrying the washing basket, moving furniture etc.

I discovered a novel way to clean the lounge, wipe down with my Enjo outdoor cloth.  Easy and effective.

I’ve just finished reading Gluten Free Girl, Shauna Ahern is soo passionate.  She received freedom by being diagnosed as having Celiac’s Disease, a whole new world was opened to her which she embraced.  Her recipes are so achievable and scrumptious. We aren’t Celiac’s although do wonder if we may have a Gluten Sensitivity. 

As we may be looking at a need go wheat or gluten free I’ve been contemplating grain mills.  The most economical choice would be to purchase an attachment for our juicer. A decision to make further along in our dietary change.

cut all the children’s hair yesterday.  As I looked at the pile of hair I contemplated on the varied hues within one family; blondie brown, dark brown, auburn, blond, and snowy white. 

I was tested for gestational diabetes this week.  No one mentioned anything about fasting beforehand, so I blithely ate a handful of sultanas and almonds prior to waking in.  My levels prior to glucose and after were too high.  Therefore this morning I had to undergo a two hour test, fasting from last night. My results – normal.
Meanwhile I researched and spoke with my dear friend Margaret whose son has Type 1 Diabetes.  She assured my that dried fruit would spike me and almonds, being a slow release would keep my levels way up.  So why don’t they save our time and theirs and instruct us not to eat the first time around!?

Bonus Update:
PC just received his CPA(Charted Practicing Accountant) exam results for this semester and he received a High Distinction!!
We’re so proud of him:)

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  • Deanne

    Congrates PC- great job!
    Glad your tests were better today- don't forget the money they have wasted in given you another test!
    While we like our children to be independent it can be frustrating at times!
    I love all your different hair colours ours are all very boring, same basic colour just different shades.

  • Gae

    Dear Erin,
    I have always been told to fast for this test. Have you had it before? If so you would have fasted then too.
    Been trying to ring you, just keep getting distracted….or sleeping

  • Erin

    I hadn't really thought about our hair shades before as interesting, but you're correct:)

    I have had the test before and they never say anything about fasting. Frustrating waste of time and as Deanne says, resources.

  • Anonymous

    I beg to differ … the problem has occurred before with the same outcomes … but with one thing or another my wifette can't remember even doing the test before … in defence of the staff they probably thought Erin had more experience than them to know how to take the test! PC

  • Anonymous

    You are very luck you passed your GTT test big sister…. You missed out on lots of visits to the doctor/hosp. I ended up having the GTT three times this last pregnancy due to poor advice and them wanting to just make sure. Passed 2 times and not the 3rd… Its a horrible test and all the worse for being pregnant and having to wait around for the 3 hours that it takes (not 2 like they tell you). I hope you continue to be well through this pregnancy. Love M xoxxo

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