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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 66)

On the 17th December I became an aunty again!  My sister had a little girl, Olivia Mary.  We give praise to the Lord for her save arrival, a blessed miracle indeed.

BetterWorld Books is now offering FREE shipping worldwide!!! This means they will now be fierce contenders for my dollars with Book Depository.

Has anyone noticed the new 4 Real button on my sidebar?
For any 4Real fans, feel free to add this to your own sidebars.  Any readers who haven’t yet checked out 4Real be sure too, it’s my favourite place in cyberspace to hang out.  A wonderful, supportive community of Catholic parent Home Educators.  Lots of living education discussions and a huge melting pot of ideas and knowledge!

My site meter clicked past the 40 000 visitor mark to my blog recently!!  I can’t believe it!!  Welcome all,I feel honoured, and I love it when I readers drop me a line, I smile all day.

The past month would have to be the busiest we have experienced all year. What a blur.
Aside from Advent and Christmas preparation and celebration, we finished the timber salvaging,
and headed to Sydney for a flying trip, the weekend before Christmas to celebrate out niece’s 21st.
We partied and lunched with nearly all of PC’s family which was wonderful, but simply not really enough time to catch up.

Oh and we celebrated my brother’s 21st at the end of November too, plus 2 friends birthdays, the teens were tested and passed their Bronze and Surf Rescue Certificates, PC and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary and PC started at his new job!

I was planning on January being quieter but already I have 7 commitments noted for the first week of January!  

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