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Blog Review 2010

Looking back over the year it is interesting to note which blog posts were most popular with my readers.  By no means are these the ones I receive the most comments for, in fact some of the most popular posts receive no comments!  Most interesting.

My stats button on the dashboard doesn’t work, so my only way of noting popular posts is the Popular Posts gadget on the sidebar, predominately what is there currently has been there consistently for the last few months.  I actually suspect some of these posts must be generously linked to on other blogs somewhere, but I know not where.  (I’d love to know if you would like to leave me a comment)

Popular Posts list is headed by; Advent Checklist 2009  I used this list myself when planning for Advent 2010.

Ranger’s Apprentice Cloaks continues to be very popular and I really must update with new cloaks and bows.
Table Manners is third on the popular list and it is a never ending task to instill manners.
Our Girl’s Play Kitchen I remember generated some of the most comments I ever received, the gift PC and I made for our girls for Christmas last year.
Native Americans, Book Collection is fifth on the list.  I enjoy writing book reviews, and would love to know who else enjoys my reviews.
Instant Free Access to Mathsonline Primary! Nary a comment but somebody is reading it;)
Treasured Moments 1 Ah yes, I had such great plans, and they still aren’t scraped, just on the ‘to do’ list.
Dietary Cure for Acne and the Paleo Diet The beginning of our Grain, Diary and Sugar Free journey.
Charlotte Mason and Dictation My first time participating in the CM blog Carnival.  I’m hoping to join in a few more yet.
Designing Our Learning Room, Help Please I enjoyed gathering links for this one, the time is drawing closer when I can start to really plan and hopefully bring to fruition.

I did see some of my book reviews were shared in some of my favourite blogs (and friends) ‘shared items’, that was a lovely boost to know that they are helpful to others:)
I also enjoy noting which posts I received the most comments for, it helps to know what interests my readers.  Although I mostly write as a family/personal journal, it is nice to know readers are not nodding off.  Most interesting though is only one post is featured in the Popular Posts and with the most comments for the month.

Most Comments from readers in;
December-7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 65) with 6 comments. Lots of discussion about my GDT.
November- Salvaging Timber Flooring with 8 comments.  Some beautiful positive comments about my wonderful PC and children that bought huge smiles to my face.
October- My Grandmother’s Faith with 7 comments.  Actually this post was up with the most Popular read for a while.  A tribute to my beloved Grandmother and her awesome Faith in Our Heavenly Father.
September- Another Successful Homeschool Camp and 7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 56) tied with 7 comments. Our 10th Homeschool Camp, another resounding success and a couple of new readers left comments, how  lovely:)
August – 7 Quick Takes (Vol 54) with 7 comments. Lots of discussion about nebulous words.
July- My Truth About Mum and Planning with 7 comments.  Where I was really honest.
June – 6 Today Jelly Bean! with 6 comments.  Lots of Birthday wishes for our little girl.
May- RIP Ellowyn with 11 comments, many lovely expressions of sympathy at the death of our dog.
April – Our Very Own Library had 11 comments.  Expressions of delight and envy.  We are blessed indeed.
March – 7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 38) had 5 comments.Lots of discussion on homemade dishwashing powder and reading dictionaries for fun.
February – 7 Quick Takes (Vol 37) with 7 comments. New readers:) talking books and clutter.
January – Our Girls Play Kitchen topped with 18 comments!! Lots of lovely, positive chatter.

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